Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Season

Good Heavens we committed to way too much this year! We've had at least one thing on each day of the calendar for the past 3 weeks. Some days have 3 - 4 things… I decided we're committing to less next year. Ward/Family party? Yes. Women's holiday gathering? No. So don't be offended if I tell you no next year.

Saturday night it snowed about a half inch and as soon as Logan saw it he shouted "Dad! It snowed! Let's go play in it! Can we make a Snow Man?" So Dave gladly obliged. They snowball fought, they made snow angels, Logan danced around for joy of snow! But most important they made a snow man!

Logan wanted to help Dave with every step of the process. Dave got the balls started, and Logan pushed them around the yard.

And the cutest part, Logan couldn't help giving the snowman a hug!

Logan and his friend Abby decided to name the snowman Frosty. Every morning, Logan checks outside to see if his snowman "melted small, small, small yet". And at the grocery store yesterday Logan insisted we buy a real carrot for his nose. I guess a baby carrot wasn't sufficient.

Things have also been crazy because I've started up a little business on the side. My Dad has a friend that wanted to sell some of the arrowheads and spearheads he makes, so I've been listing them on Ebay for him. We have had a few busy days, but it's been good (busy means sales). Things are slowing down a bit, which is perfect, since this week is the busiest. It's been nice to make a little extra money for Christmas and to save for this summer!

Other than that it's been parties and Christmas events. Last night we went up to Temple Square and saw the lights. We picked up Dave from work, and walked over. Logan loved it! He kept telling us "LOOK AT THE TEMPLE! It's so pretty" the blue lights were his favorite. We're sure Dustin had a good time too. He kept singing to Dave (he was in a backpack for easy maneuvering). Both boys fell asleep on the way home and woke up ornery, but over all it was a successful night.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Zoo & Thanksgiving

Last Wednesday was free day at the zoo, so Logan, Dustin and I invited Edison and his mom to join us! The boys had a blast and it was so nice to take a break from all the frantic preparing for Thanksgiving and really enjoy the 70 degree weather. Logan's favorite was the elephants, and Dustin loved the seals! They put on a crazy show "dancing" and jumping out of the water.

It was great to spend all of our long Thanksgiving weekend together! Logan was feeling friend deprived since he didn't get to play with Abby ALL WEEK LONG! We even had tears when she called in sick Monday.  But Thursday we went to my family's house for dinner and he got his fill of cousins!

They had a blast playing together. Max helped all the younger cousins make stop signs and Logan has been playing with his ever since. We had delicious food, and got home with enough time to watch a movie together as a family!

Friday Dave worked like crazy creating a bench for our entry way. He was able to finish it Saturday, and I love it! It has 4 bins, a place for our shoes and goes below the coat rack. He did a great job, as always! Our old coat rack only had 3 hooks. This one has 12! 

It's perfect for our million coats, plus any friends that come over. I also love that each bin has each person's hats, gloves, snow pants, etc. and our most frequently worn pair of shoes fit below the bind. Having such a fabulous entry way makes me want to paint the yellow wall though. I've been looking for an excuse to paint it since we moved in. I don't like yellow (especially not any of the 7 different shades of yellow that was in our house when we moved in).

Saturday we also went to the park and got to do some playing. I can't believe the weather has been so nice! We're down to our last 3 garden tomatoes in the fridge. Who would have thought we would have tomatoes in December? But hey, I'll take it!

Sunday we started decorating for Christmas. Logan was so excited he couldn't wait for breakfast to be over, so we decorated first. The boys had a blast putting the decorations up (and taking them down, sigh). 

Other than that, I've been working like crazy to get everything done for Christmas. I only have a few small sewing projects left, but time is just flying by! There's only one thing left that has to get done by Christmas, but other than that it can all really wait.