Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

It was a busy week for us, as always! Wednesday I had some of the ladies from the ward over and did a baby shower for my friend Dianne. This is her third baby (first girl), and she's due in June. It was nice to visit with the ladies and to enjoy all the girly little clothes. Boys clothes are cute, but girl clothes are so adorable!

It took most of Thursday to get everything put away, the house put back to normal, and the laundry done. I'm just glad we're done hosting things for a while! I decided I don't love hosting. So our house looks like it belongs to us again, and we decided to spend the weekend relaxing.

Well, I guess relaxing is a relative term. We made a list of things that would be good to get done, but decided if we didn't get them done, we wouldn't get upset over it. After laying 600 square feet of sod last weekend (along with laying the weed barrier and the mulch and the family dinner), we were ready for something more casual.

Friday we had a super casual day. Dave got home early, we worked in the yard a bit. Nothing major, just the basic mowing and weed whacking. When that was done we headed to the nursery to pick up some flowers to accent all the weed barrier we laid down.

For the front yard we got some pink Jupiter's Beard, drought resistant Blue bells, and some ground cover. For the back yard we got more Jupiter's Beard, Lamb's Ears, Hen's & Chicks, and Dragon's Blood. All are drought resistant, perennials and should spread out to eventually fill up the space we've planted them in so we won't have to weed around them (very important to me). Oh, and we got a few pansies, just because we've always gotten pansies since we moved in. They're not at all practical, but they're pretty.

We didn't end up planting them Friday, we decided to take the evening casual. We did a little Barbeque. Burgers, corn on the cob, and fruit. We went on a walk and ended up getting slushies at Sonic. They have a cherry lime-aid one that is just heavenly.

Saturday morning we woke up late, did a little shopping, and met our friend's the Terries for lunch. They were out visiting from Indiana, so we wanted to make sure we got to see them. We met in Orem at the Pizza Factory and indulged in some delicious pizza and breadsticks. It's the first real pizza I've eaten in months, and it was absolutely fabulous! I just love their breadsticks.

In the afternoon we planted everything and did some serious playing in the sprinklers. It was almost 80, and when we started watering the flowers, he just went crazy! So we let him enjoy himself. Sunday was full of more relaxing. Nothing fancy, just some well needed time with the family.

Monday we woke up early to did some shopping at Walmart and Lowes. When we got home I baked some bread, GF rolls, GF brownies (per Dave's request) and GF granola. We grilled some kabobs on the barbecue for a fabulous dinner, and called it a great holiday.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Prepping to Party

Logan's been super into his creative side lately. He just loves painting, coloring, or anything with stickers. He will request what color he wants, and get frustrated if you dare give him green instead of red.

I know I say this a lot, but my gosh it's been busy around here lately! Last week during the day I worked like crazy in the kitchen (making and freezing food for a friend's baby shower as well as for a family dinner). When Dave got home we worked like crazy prepping the yard for the weekend.

Saturday we (and Dave's brother Blaine) laid 600 square feet of sod, planted a pear tree, and laid wood chips & black plastic to keep the weeds out of our flower beds. We completely filled in one of our flower beds with sod (think 10 - 12 feet deep), and down sized another by half. We finished most of the wood chips and black plastic, except one area that is just waiting for the rain to stop for us to finish.

That night we hosted the monthly Plastow family dinner at our house. We were really hoping to have it outside on the gazebo, but since it rained and was chilly, we decided to squeeze inside. With a little re-arranging we all fit in the kitchen and enjoyed a tasty spaghetti dinner.

This morning I cut my Mom's hair and this afternoon I'm going to do some more baking (I'm thinking cream cheese pumpkin bread is definitely on the menu, along with the remainder of the cookies for the baby shower). Tuesday I'm having my cousin Caitlin and her son over for lunch, and Wednesday I'm hosting the baby shower. So I've got some more prepping before the week is through.

Logan has been waking up with the sun lately and been super cranky as a result. This weekend I had the bright idea to block his window. Now before I close the blinds for the night, I stick a piece of cardboard in between the blinds and the window and he will again sleep in until 7:30 or 8. It's great!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a great weekend! Friday was the first day I didn't feel nauseous all day long! It's a big deal since I've felt sick for about 3 months. I've been feeling well since then and  I'm hoping I will be from now on. 

Friday afternoon we took a trip to Murray park. We casually walked around the park and found some ducks to feed. Logan just loves throwing bread to the ducks. He gets so excited when they eat the bread he threw and he'll tell us "Ducks hungry! More bread!" He knows the difference between a mommy duck, a daddy duck and a goose (Canadian Geese).

Saturday we did a lot of work outside. When we moved in we had WAY too many flower beds with not enough flower beds to fill them. So we've been slowly putting in sod. This year we're putting some in on the side of the front yard and in the back yard. Dave finished the sprinklers Saturday so we'll be ready to lay sod next weekend. We also covered a lot of our biggest remaining flower bed with weed barrier, and will be filling it in with wood chips next Saturday too. 

In the afternoon we split up, Dave finished up in the yard and I cleaned up the house with Logan. I wanted everything to be nice for Mother's day, so I told Logan "We need to clean the house for Mom's special day tomorrow."So he helped and the whole time he repeated "Help special mom." He even wound up the vacuum cleaner's cord for me.

At one point I was in the kitchen sweeping and I heard the chant escalate to "Help special Mom, HELP, HELP MOM! HELP!" When I ran into the living room to figure out what was going on. He was trying to pull the kitchen entry way rug back into the kitchen and just couldn't get it into the kitchen.

Sunday was a fabulous Mother's Day! Logan's been teething and waking up at 5:30 for the past week. When he woke up again Sunday morning at 5:30, Dave got up with him and I got to sleep in until 7:45. Every once in a while I would be woken up to the sound of a wooden drum or a recorder, but I still got more sleep that I've gotten all week.

In the afternoon we took a trip to Liberty Park to again feed the ducks. We walked around the park and at one point Logan and Dave headed off the the swings and I got to sit on a blanket in the shade and read a book. It was such a relaxing afternoon.

For dinner Dave made us steak, sweet potato fries, and corn on the cob. It was fabulous! We had a turtle pie for dessert. Sometimes it's all about the food, and Sunday it definitely was. We also had orange rolls for breakfast.

Somewhere in there we opened presents, and had a nap. It was so much fun! Such a perfect Mother's day.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Great News!

We have great news: I'm 12 weeks pregnant with baby number two! If you ask Logan what's in Mommy's belly he'll say "BABY!" The due date is November 20th and we'll find out the gender in July. Dave and I don't have a gender preference, but Logan does. We ask him if he wants a brother or sister, and he says "Brother, Jesus!" So apparently if we have a boy we're naming him Jesus. :)

We had an ultrasound yesterday, and it was so fun to see the little baby bouncing around in there. It was all over the place! Flipping over, kicking, and waving his hands around. The little toes were the cutest.

Apart from feeling sick, I don't really feel pregnant yet. I've refinished the changing table pad, but it didn't help like I hoped it would. I can't really think of any more gender neutral projects to work on, so I'll just have to find some other way to feel ready. I'm just so excited, I wish I looked more pregnant or have already felt the baby kick or something.

Life keeps getting busier and busier! We spent the weekend putting together our garden. We planted tomatoes, bell peppers, pepperoncinis, zucchini, spaghetti squash, strawberries and left a spot for green beans. The garden looks great now! I'm just itching to harvest it.

Logan just loves working outside with Dave! He gets out his little shovel and bucket, finds out where Dave is working and will plop down right beside Dave. He digs, makes piles, and pours the dirt on his head. If I let him, he would stay out side all day long playing in the dirt. I think we need to get him a sand box.