Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Weekend

Logan's started lying lately. It's pretty easy to know when he isn't telling the truth. I will call him on it, but it didn't do much good. So we watched Pinocchio. Ever sense when I ask "Is that a lie Logan, or did you really brush your teeth?" he will feel his nose and tell me the truth. I feel a little bad, but it's extremely funny.

We had a fun weekend! It was so nice to have Monday off, because we had a lot of work to get done, and wanted to squeeze some fun in too! Friday Dave had a dentist appointment in the afternoon, so we didn't really get to do much, even though he got off work early. We did go to the hardware store and picked up supplies for our weekend project. Dave also picked up a few Birthday gifts for me (per my request).

Saturday we planned to start bright and early on a fence for our back yard, but it was pouring rain. Dave still got in a 2 hour run. He's training for a half marathon and didn't think it was raining too bad, but came back totally soaked! We hung out all morning and half of the afternoon waiting for the rain to clear up. When it finally did, we dug the holes for the posts, laid the cement and the poles. By then the clouds came back out, so we decided to put off the remaining work until Monday.

That night we decided to watch a movie with Logan and make some Delicious popcorn. Dave introduced us to The Flight of the Navigator (a cheesy 80's movie he grew up loving). Logan was VERY impressed with the aliens, space ship, fire works, and the dog. His expressions were hilarious to watch through out the movie.

Sunday we had a pretty casual day. We went on a walk around the block, played in the sand box, and swung on our swing and hammock. Nothing too much, but we had a relaxing day.

Monday morning Dave got up early and took Logan on a bike ride with his parents while I took Dustin shopping at the Saver's 50% off sale. We all had fun, and I was able to score some killer deals. I love the thrift store. That afternoon we finished the fence, and tidied up the house.

That evening we had a family from the ward over for a BBQ. They moved into our ward (and down the street from us) a few months ago and we've been meaning to have them over. They have 3 boys and one girl (ages 1, 3, 5, and 8). Logan had a blast chasing the boys around the yard and house! They played with balls, cars, colored with chalk, and beat each other with swords (pool noodles). We got to visit and get to know each other better.

Tuesday morning at 7:30 a friend dropped her two boys off for an hour so she could drop her car off at the shop. Logan and the boys had fun chasing them around and building towers out of his blocks. Being around so many little boys over the past few days makes me realize what I'm in for over the next few years. It's a lot of energy and running around, but fun.

That afternoon we pulled out the pool and did some swimming. Dustin decided he does not love swimming. I think it was the cold water, because he loves the bath. Logan had fun.

Wednesday we also went to the Murray Splash Pad with a friend from the ward. The actual splash pad wasn't running, but the lazy river was, so we waded and splashed around in there. It hasn't been cleaned for the season, so it was pretty slimy, but the boys didn't care. We finished our trip off with some sliding and called it good! According to Logan "We've had a long week. But it was a fun week too."

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Warm Weather & Outside

It's been a good week! Looking back, someone has been sick in the house for about 3 months now. It's seriously ridiculous. So I was glad everyone was doing well this week. We were busy cleaning up the house, cooking again, and preparing for a baby shower/BBQ.

Ever since Logan saw the movie Frozen he will sporadically ask me if I "Wanna build a snowman?" During the winter I would ask him if there was snow outside. If so we would go out and make one. Since it's warm we've started to make our snow men out of marshmallows. He sticks them together with pretzels (and pretzels for arms), then he smashes long sprinkles in for the eyes and nose. Then we eat it! So much fun.

Logan has been loving the warm weather! We've had to start watering the garden (it isn't raining every day any more), so I bought him and Dustin watering cans. I looked at Lowes, but their kids cans were $10 (and the adult ones are $5, are you kidding me?). I found one at the Dollar Tree for $1, and I'm glad I got a "spare" for Dustin, because Logan promptly lost his.

We've also started hanging the clothes outside on the line to dry again. I had started before I got shingles, but with being sick and all the rain, I'd given up for 3 weeks. I bring out Dustin's baby swing, and Logan plays in the sand box, or on his swing & slide.

Saturday we had a baby shower (for Alison)/BBQ/family dinner at our house. It was tons of fun! We played, opened gifts, and ate. The cousins had fun in the sand box. The guys found it interesting to learn what we do at a baby shower, and quickly got bored of oohing over little shoes.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend!

I've been feeling a lot better this week! Hoooray! I've decided there are two pains with Shingles, a topical pain, and a deep nerve pain (think hitting your funny bone in several places). The topical pain is almost gone, and the deep nerve pain is gone most of the time. So I've been pulling my life back together! The house is clean again. I've been cooking again! And tomorrow I have plans to start sewing again (2 weeks without sewing is WAY too long). Although being sick gave me tons of time to fill my reading fix for the next month!

This weekend was great! Friday we were supposed to do several things (YW auction, Mushroom hunting with my bro...) but we ended up staying home and making some Chicago style pizza. Something about it raining all day made me want to put on pj's and relax. The pizza turned out FABULOUS! And Logan and Dave had fun helping make it.

Saturday we worked on the yard a little (between rain showers). We worked on the garden and Dave started putting a fence together. It's looking good. Hopefully he can finish it this weekend. And because all good yard projects require a slushy, we got one when we were done. Dave and Logan then went shopping for Mother's Day (food as well as gifts).

Sunday was the best Mother's Day yet! The boys woke up pretty early, so Dave took Logan to help make me breakfast. They made waffles (GF for me and regular for them), eggs, and sausage. Logan tried to get us to eat pie with breakfast, and all weekend long was trying to get me to open my gifts.

The boys were great at church. Dustin took a nap during Sunday School, so we actually got to hear most of it, and ate through Relief Society. Logan made me a card, some beans planted in a cup (why? not sure) which were promptly dropped on the kitchen floor.

On the car ride home Dustin was jabbering away and started saying "mama"! The first time I asked Dave if he heard it, and he denied it. The second time he admitted it. Dustin hasn't said "dada" yet, so I think Dave was in denial. I told Dave he did it for Mother's day. :)

After church we took a rest (Logan is so over naps, so we insist he rests), and ate some chocolate turtle pie. For dinner Dave and Logan made BBQ hamburgers, sweet potato fries, and corn on the cob! I love fresh corn, and this is the first time this year we've gotten it! Then we opened presents and Logan promptly told me I could share my gifts with him.

Before bed we all cleaned up the house so it wouldn't be too much of a mess for me on Monday. Today I got the laundry done and made a Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole. It was good, but I think I would add Broccoli to it next time. And maybe more sauce. But I was glad to feel up to cooking again!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Ice Cream said the Lady with the Alligator Purse

I've been sick for a week and a half! We're talking dyeing of Shingles sick. I'm feeling a little better this week, but it's still pretty painful. Dave's been a champ! He comes home and helps with dinner (and doesn't complain when it's hot dogs & Mac & cheese again), and helps around the house. Which is good since I've had a goal to get one thing done around the house per day (laundry today). Dave makes me something frozen every day to help me feel better too (ice cream = heaven).

So before that... We had an FHE on Tithing for Logan. We've never given him money, but he got some pennies recently and we thought before he spent them, he should learn about tithing. I was worried, but it went great! He immediately told us he wanted to give more money to God, and maybe some for Grandma. We went to DI after and he had the time of his life spending $2.48. We got some spooky pumpkins, a Tigger and a bee toy. The pumpkins plug in and glow in the dark, which will be great for Halloween.

Logan learned to wink and walk backwards recently. He's SO proud of both and laugh after he does either. If you wink at him, he will wink back and just laugh! He's also learned to eat sandwiches. He always wants to eat the pieces separate, but once he discovered how good they are together, he had 4 in the same day. So we took him to Subway Friday and got a 6 inch sub for him. He ate about 4 inches.

I looked at my list of crafts to get done (mostly gifts for others), and I mercilessly crossed off items, but did finish and mail out two. The first, a dish towel was for my Uncle Ken and Aunt Irene. They had a house warming forever ago and I had finished it then, but didn't get to go because we were sick. I decided we will probably be sick forever... so I should probably mail it!

Which spawned into my second gift; bibs for my Aunt Melissa's soon to be baby. I had grand plans to make more gifts for her, but I wasn't up for more. The one on the left is Dr Who and the one on the right is Star Wars again. I haven't cross stitched in years, but it was fun to get these done. Took a lot longer than I thought it would, but they turned out well.

Saturday I left the boys with Dave so I could get groceries. I got stuff to make Greek Kabobs for Sunday dinner. I marinated the chicken, and Dave and Logan put everything on the skewers. Logan loved helping, and did a surprisingly good job! Oh heavens, they were good! The weather was so nice I swung on the hammock with the boys while Dave BBQ'd them.

That night we made Smores around the fire pit! It was so fun. Logan ate 4 mallows! It was good to be out in the warm weather and relax together.