Thursday, January 12, 2012

The time to set goals

I'm not big at conforming. But for some reason, Dave felt the need to set some resolutions for the New Year, so I told him we could set some family "goals" so I didn't feel like they would just fall apart in a few months like most resolutions do.

So we decided on four. Not a huge list, but things we figure we have the ability to accomplish. They are as follows:

1. Daily family scripture study of the Book of Mormon. We already are doing this, but sometimes we miss, and we don't always read where we left off. No real accountability. This time we set actual weekly page numbers goals on this one so we're done with the entire book by the end of December. Actually the numbers are a little more aggressive so we have a little wiggle room, if we strictly follow the schedule we'll be done some time in November. Since I'm teaching this book for Gospel Doctrine this year, this will also help me have my chapters read before I go to prepare my lesson.

2. Monthly Temple Night. We used to do this... then we had a baby and with him nursing for an hour every two hours, it got hard to leave him. But he's on a better schedule, so we're committing to do this every month this year! And January's already done :)

3. Get a babysitter for a fun date night once a month. This is so hard when Dave's in school! He usually will only take a half hour break or something like that, but we both need a sanity break, so we're committing to this too. While Dave's in school, this will give us two "out of the house dates" a month (temple night, and fun date night). And we'll do something less time evolved on the weeks we don't have an out date planned. And when Dave's done with school in May... Look out! Date night every week! But for now, one a month sounds heavenly.

4. Weekly FHE with something Logan can participate in. Right now we tend to read an article, or go do something church related, and it's not always weekly. Not exactly something that Logan's going to learn from... So I'm trying to figure out a way to incorporate him in the lessons. Not really sure how yet... but we'll figure something out! We actually had structure this week (lesson, activity, treat), so that was a step in the right direction.

I also set a few goals for Logan too:

1. Stop waking up at 6 am! He started this when we were in Zions and hasn't quite stopped yet! 6 is too early for me

2. Learn to say Mama before Dada

3. Walk some time this year

That's about it! Nothing too involved for the little guy. Don't want him to feel too much pressure.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cloth Diapers

So I've been planning to cloth diaper our kids since, well before we had kids. I even bought some because they were on sale 40% off before I was pregnant. Five month into having Logan, we still haven't started with the cloth diapers! Not for lack of wanting to, we were just gifted TONS of diapers for baby showers. And they were mostly size 2's.

The cloth diapers I bought were for a baby size 10 lbs and up, so for the first two months, I used up what I had, and bought about 4 packs of diapers waiting for Logan to become 10 lbs. Finally Logan was big enough to wear the diapers, but I went back to work for a week and bought two packs of diapers because I didn't think it was fair to make the baby sitters test out cloth diapers for me. Then he hit the size 2 diaper size... and I've been counting down ever since!

We're officially down to 93 diapers left, which should last us a few more weeks! I had Dave install a diaper sprayer in out bathroom over Christmas Break, we have a killer diaper pail and we're all set and ready to go. When we finally run out of size 2 diapers. Last night Dave even commented "I know this is weird, but I'm excited to try out those cloth diapers." And I'm there with him. I can't wait to try them out and see how it all works.

I may be singing a different tune when I'm spraying them out and washing them. But for now, I can't wait to move over to something better for the environment and that breathes better for Logan. And I'm glad he's down to about 6-8 diapers a day. It will make it easier than if we started this as a newborn.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas & New Years

Brier, Andrea & Logan Christmas Eve

The holidays just flew by for us! Dave was able to take off the week between Christmas and New Years, so we were able to really spend some time together as a family. Christmas Eve Eve (the 23rd) was Dave's first day off, and we spent it together, just the three of us. It was nice to relax, do some baking together, and just have fun.

Christmas Eve we went over to my parent's house at 1 to make lunch/dinner of Chinese Food! We had Broccoli Beef, Oriental Chicken, Orange Chicken, Egg Rolls, Fried Rice, and a table full of desserts (is there really any other way to enjoy the holidays?). We opened gifts, watched a movie, and just had fun talking and enjoying each other's company.

Logan exploring his new toy

Christmas Day Logan had a stuffy nose and a little cough, so we skipped church, opened presents, and took it easy. Logan got a Jump-a-roo that I found for $30 on Craigslist, some books, a few puppets, and a BIG cow (since he loves his little cow so much). He just loves jumping in his Jump-a-roo! I see it being his favorite toy (sorry cow).

We went over to Dave's parent's house for Lunch at 12. Dave was so glad to have fresh (smoked the day before) Turkey sandwiches for lunch since he can never get enough Turkey at Thanksgiving! I brought 3 desserts like the Brown I am, and they didn't get half eaten! The Plastows just don't love sweets like my side does. We chatted for hours, Dave and Bill looked up some stuff on the internet, and we headed home to relax together.

Logan's first trip up Angel's Landing

Tuesday morning we headed up to my parent's cabin in Apple Valley. Dave needed a break after last semester so we decided to go from Tuesday to the following Monday. Friday we took Logan on his first hike of Angel's Landing. It ended up taking us 4 hours! It usually takes us about 2, so Logan doubled our time. 

Lunch time nap at the top!

This time Logan LOVED hiking! He giggled and cooed the entire time we were hiking Angel's Landing. When he really couldn't contain himself he would start kicking his legs like crazy. Now we're sure Logan was born into the right family, he was made for hiking. 

Friday Night my parents joined us at the cabin to spend the weekend with us and start our Lord of the Rings Extended Version marathon. We watched one a night for the three nights we were down there together.

Emerald Pools was just a trickle

Saturday morning we visited my Grandparents Yoder and Uncle John down in Hurricane. We went out to lunch at Applebees then John had to head back to Vegas. It was so nice to see him, even if it was brief! In the afternoon we hiked the Kayenta trail with my parents and Grandma. It was a nice trail that joined the Emerald Pools trail. We had a fun time! We didn't stay up until midnight for New Years,

Sunday we went to church with Grandma & Grandpa followed by dinner up at the cabin. We played the longest game of hearts of my life and Grandpa lost! He says it's only because he was feeling sick, but I think he's out of practice. We had a good time visiting and playing.

Logan's smiling at my mom instead of the camera

Monday Dave, Logan and I packed up our stuff and we did one last hike up in Kolob Canyon with my parents (Timber Creek). I guess Kolob is exceedingly muddy this time of year, do we mucked through getting covered in the RED that is southern Utah dirt. Logan again had the time of his life giggling the entire time we were hiking. I wish I knew what was so funny, I wish I knew what he was thinking.

After that we headed home and I've been unpacking and cleaning ever since! I think it will take a week to clean up from the holidays!