Monday, August 26, 2013

New Church Callings

A few weeks ago I got a new church calling: 4th Sunday RS teacher (the women's organization). So I get to do the Conference lesson. Sunday was my first week teaching, and it went great! I had so much discussion that I only got through about 2/3 of the talk. It's not a bad problem to have. I was really worried about the opposite, because it was a really sparse Sunday. But I have no fear from now on with filling the time.

I just love teaching adults! My fave calling up to now was teaching Gospel Doctrine, and this has a similar feel. Well, except the crying women. But we only had two of those on Sunday. I'm sure once I get the hang of it, this will be a favorite too.

Dave also got another calling this week. He'll be teaching Elder's Quorum on the 3rd Sunday of the month (from the teachings of the Prophets in the Men's Group). He's excited to start in about a month. He's still doing the 11 year old scouts, but I don't think the two will be too much. I'm glad we'll be teaching on different weeks, so one of us can get Logan when he needs to go potty. 

Potty training is going a little better. I re-introduced the underwear again today, and we've had one accident and the rest successes. At lunch time I was getting everything ready and I turned to find Logan alarmingly yanking at his undies. So we rushed to the bathroom and made it!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Biting Ducks

The last two weeks have been long! Logan has been missing having a friend around 3 days a week. He's been following me around like crazy and wants to play with me all the time. I'm thinking about starting a play group in a few weeks to give him some more kid interaction.

Logan's been having some potty training challenges since spending the night at my parents, so we've been working like crazy on re-committing. We've had to revert him to naked time again, but last week we had 4 accident free days in a row. I'm hoping the end is in sight. We celebrated by going to Sonic and getting Slushies after FHE! Logan loves slushies, so it was really exciting for him.

Last Saturday we had a fun family day! We spent the morning at Wheeler farm checking out all the farm animals and playing at the playground. Logan especially loved the sheep and feeding the ducks. We brought 2 loaves of bread and went through it all. 

Logan would feed about 4 pieces to the ducks, then take one for himself. At one point he was off feeding the ducks and one of the geese got up in his face and grabbed his bread right out of his hands! He came crying back yelling "Duck bit me! NO NO DUCK!" It was so sad and cute, we couldn't help but laugh while comforting him.

This Saturday we went over to Murray Park and fed the ducks again. After we stopped by the farmer's market and got some watermelon, peaches, and corn. They have been really tasty, although it's twice as expensive as I can get them at the store. Sometimes I don't mind paying for local quality though.

We've been experiencing more of the terrible twos recently. This week Logan told me he threw a fit, telling me he was mad at me and was just going to run away. I guess we've been reading him too many Little Critter books (he loves "I was so mad"). Hopefully he'll learn soon I'm less likely to give him what he wants when he throws a fit.

I asked Dave what we wanted to dress Logan up as for Halloween, and he picked a pirate. So I'll be designing a costume and hopefully putting it together soon. Well, some time in the next two months anyway. I started looking for inspiration online with Logan and his only input was "want big belt like him." So our pirate will have a big belt. Other than that it's still up in the air.

Monday, August 12, 2013

A Birthday & An Anniversary

This week was a fun one! Logan's second birthday was on Thursday! He also had his annual checkup, and is in the 40 percentile for height, 13th percentile for weight, and 80th percentile for head. That's a huge step up for height and weight for him (he was in the less than 3 percentile last checkup), but he's always had a huge head.

He talks like crazy all the time! I'm always surprised by what words come out of his mouth. He uses sentences, and will string a few of them together. He's recently started using pro-nouns, but is still learning how to use them right.

For his birthday dinner we had his favorites: hotdogs, french fries, strawberries and apple juice. Logan was in eating heaven. After dinner I was cleaning up the dishes and Dave was packing up his gym bag for the next day and Logan learned to climb up our 6 foot luv sac. 

He must have launched himself off the top, because we heard a loud thump followed by bloody murder screaming from Logan. I ran into the Living room to find him sprawled out face down on the middle of the living room floor. I think he tried to jump off of it. Sadly he ended up with a black eye.

For his birthday Dave made him a sand box, so that was his big gift (with some buckets and shovels). But we still had a few presents to open. He had so much fun opening his gifts and playing with them until bed time.

He had to have at least one toy in each hand for the rest of the day!

We made Logan Strawberry shortcake for his birthday dessert. He was far more interested in blowing out the candles than eating the cake. He probably blew them out 10 times before I had to tell him the candles needed to go to bed.

Finally Dave put some ice cream on Logan's plate, and after he finished that he tried the cake. He enjoyed about half of it before he was full.

Since our anniversary is also on Logan's birthday, we generally celebrate the weekend after. So Logan headed over to my parents house for Saturday and Sunday. He had so much fun! He has been quoting Nemo and requesting ice cream and cookies ever since.

We enjoyed a little break from Logan too. We went out to dinner, saw a movie, and just relaxed! It's nice to not have to worry about the boy, even if everything reminded Dave of Logan.

Monday Logan and I put some stuff away in the shed and pulled out the baby clothes. I went through the infant and 0 - 3 month clothes to see if there was anything we needed to buy for a fall/winter baby. Logan thought the little clothes were pretty funny. Especially the socks. He kept trying to putting them on and laughing.

I tried to explain they were his when he was a baby, but I don't think he got that. He did understand the socks are for the baby though. He kept going though the little hats and shirts. "For baby in mom's belly."

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Baseball & A Crazy Week

Yesterday was one of our most fun FHE's in a while. Dave's Brother's Wife (Anisa) won free tickets to a Bees game (minor league baseball) and we went to see half of the game. We had killer seats! The tickets said 7th row, but there were only 2 rows in front of us, and we were just to the right of home plate. We arrived about 45 minutes late, anticipating Logan wouldn't last long. Boy, were we wrong! Logan was inthralled with the ball players "throw the ball!" and loved watching the kids around him.

I snook in some dried fruit, nuts, granola bars, and water, so he had tons of fun eating like crazy, running up and down the isle (we had most of a row to ourselves), and watching the mascot walk around "BIG BEE, MOM!"

The absolute highlight of the night was Dave catching a ball to give to Logan. I don't know if Logan or I was more excited. Logan rolled it around on the ground, put it in the cup holders and kept talking about his baseball. "Logan catch the ball", "Grandma love Logan's baseball", "Logan proud baseball". He even insisted on taking it to bed with him last night.

We were planning on going out to ice cream after, but Logan had so much fun, we had to tear him away around 9:30 to get him to bed. Walking back to the car, Logan didn't even ask to walk by himself. He just laid his head on Dave's shoulder and snuggled with his ball.

Prior to that, it was a crazy week! Dave got the stomach flu (or food poisoning) and missed work while recovering. Day one went well, but day two I had Max (daycare), Logan and Dave was feeling a little better so was really needy. I didn't sit down all day getting toys, food, movies, and stuff for the three of them! Over the weekend he was feeling better, so we drove up the canyon to Solitude and hiked around the lake. Logan hiked the whole thing by him self, tripling the time of our hike, but he had so much fun.

Logan was fascinated with the bees, dragon flies, ducks, and water on the hike. He prayed for all of the above that night, and just loved being out in nature. I just loved that it was 20 degrees cooler up the canyon. It's been way too hot here this summer.

Max's mom quit her job this week, so she let me know this Friday will be the last day we watch Max. Logan will be devastated not to have his best friend 3 days a week, but it will be nice to have a little more time on our hands. I'm thinking about starting to do a play date with one of Logan's friends once a week. Not necessarily the same friend every week, but something once a week.

Sunday I finally got released from Nursery! I'm so glad, it was not my favorite calling. The kids were great, but the other leaders that were supposed to help out had a hard time remembering to show up. I've accepted another calling, but haven't been called yet. I'm super excited for this one, so hopefully it ends up going well when the time comes.