Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lagoon and Potty Training Part 2

Last week was pretty normal for us, until Friday. Dave's work had their Annual Lagoon Day, and we took Logan for the first time. He had a blast! He road every ride he was big enough for, and even started requesting his favorite. I think he rode the Whale 4 times.

He got to ride for about 2 hours, and then we headed over to Lagoona Beach for some swimming and water sliding. The water was a little cold, but Logan just loved it too. We had tears when it was time to get out and go to the work BBQ.

Afterwards Dave and I split up: Logan and I went with a few of the work wives with their kids and we rode more little rides, and Dave headed out with the boys for some bigger rides. He rode until about 9 when I insisted we head home. It was fun times, even if we were exhausted after.

This week we have been potty training. This is our second attempt (1st at 18 mo). It didn't go so well the first time because Logan didn't understand what was going on enough to self initiate. So although we weren't having tons of accidents, I was spending all day long (for 2 days strait) making sure we made it to the potty on time.

This time we had 9 accidents and 5 successes on day 1, 4 accidents and 11 successes on day 2 (with one self initiated success), and today we had 2 accidents and tons of success (all self initiated)! So it's been a messy and frustrating week, but we're seeing good results! Hopefully we will have this relatively down by Sunday for church... If not, at least we're the Nursery leaders.

Yesterday Grandma Sheila and Grandpa Mike gave Logan a bucket of treats for the 4th of July, and we spent this morning playing like crazy with them. There were bubbles, a shovel and bucket, some fake bones, an airplane, and a water gun. Logan had so much fun learning how to use a water gun. He figured out how to fill up the potty with it and tried to get treats... but somehow Mom didn't believe it was pee.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

We had a great weekend! Friday Dave was still off work (to unpack and unwind after our long trip). By about 11 we had finished all the work around the house we needed to do, so we decided to take a trip to the Zoo. Dave has wanted to take Logan to the Zoo all summer, and Logan just had the time of his life!

His favorite was a tie between the rinos ("rino eat grass mom!") and the sea lions (they put on quite the impromptu show). Most of the trip Logan stayed in the stroller, but towards the end he insisted on walking on his own. He'd run from exhibit to the next one.

Saturday Dave did a little yard work in the morning, while Logan and I did a deep cleaning of the house. That evening we went to a Plastow family dinner. Logan had so much fun playing with his cousins, and it was fun to catch up with Dave's family too.

That night we did a little prep work for Sunday's dinner. Dave requested a crockpot BBQ pork and red potato salad. So I started boiling it Saturday night. I also boiled the eggs and potatoes so making the salad would be easier on Sunday.

Sunday morning I woke up early to make Dave breakfast. I made him cinnamon roll waffles, scrambled cheesey eggs, and fruit salad. Dave and I enjoyed the food, but Logan refused to eat (so we packed it up and took it with us to church).

I tried to give all the guys in nursery off for Father's Day, but they kept staying in the room. At one point we had 7 fathers & workers in the room (for 8 kids), so I told all the ladies to go ahead to class. I realized they just wanted to hang out and talk about manly movies. So I manned the kids, and the men hung around chatting. At the end of class the bishopric brought around ice cream bars for the guys, and called it a day.

I was also able to get everything ready before church for our big meal  (made the potato salad, stuck some corn on the cob in crockpot #2, and drained the pork and added the BBQ sauce). We came home from church to a delicious smelling lunch! We relaxed, took a nap, went on a walk, and just had a casual afternoon.

For dinner we shredded some of the pork and made killer nachos! We had refried beans, pork, cheese, salsa, avocados, sour cream, and tomatoes on top of our chips. They were so delicious! Since Dave opened all his presents before Father's Day (what can I say... I've given up trying to restrain him), we "opened" a few snacks I bought for Dave made some brownie sundays, and watched the Avengers. It was a great weekend over all!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

6 days in Yellowstone

We just got back from 6 relaxing days in Yellowstone! It was tons of fun for all of us. This is actually the first vacation that I walked away from thinking Logan actually had fun during it. The weather was perfect (in the 70's the whole time), and we got a lot of hiking done!

One of Logan's favorite parts of the vacations was seeing all the animals. We had to get an extra park map so he could look at the pictures of all the animals in the park while we drove (I would pull out the map to give Dave directions, and Logan would pull out his animals). We saw buffalo, elk, sheep, a wolf, a pronghorn, lots of deer, a marmot, lots of pikas, swans, green winged teals, and lesser scaups.

He loved the buffalo, and that we were constantly able to see them out the window of the car. If we got desperate on a drive we would ask him to look for them out the window and he would look out the window and call "Buffalo, where are you?" until we found one.

We also enjoyed pointing out the different colors of water (caused by the different bacteria cultivated in the hot water). Every pool he would point the the water and tell us what color it was. He also loved the mud pots (bubbling mud). Every time we hiked up to one of those he would exclaim "Mud, (color of the mud), messy!" He was quite impressed the mud was aloud to be bubbling and such a mess.

Our biggest set back at the park was the steam. Logan was terrified every time steam blew in our direction. Since this happeded a lot we went from being happy about the colors, bubbles, etc, to in tears because the "Stinky water! Hot, NO!!!" But we survived and I'm sure he's stronger for it!

It was definitely a daddy's week, so this is the only great picture we got of Logan and I. He just wanted to follow Dave around the whole time. Which is a nice break for mom.

We saw some beautiful waterfalls while we were there too. They reminded me of Glacier a little. Very majestic and beautiful.

 My fave of the waterfalls was the Lower Falls, although it was quite a hike up and down stairs to get to it. Logan wanted to do it himself, which is probably part of the intensity.

The upper falls were pretty too, but not as exciting as the lower. Although substantially easier to get to!

Whenever there was a big bolder on the trail, Logan insisted on climbing up it with Dave. They had so much fun climbing "The big one!!!" and the small ones too.

More impressive to me than Old Faithful was the Grand Prismatic. It had pretty much all the colors of the rainbow in it! It was hard to get pictures up close, but when we hiked up to Ferry Falls (a really easy hike), we were able to take an off shoot trail and get a few fabulous pictures from above!

We spent the first three nights in a cabin/lodge (yes, the pregnant lady insisted on beds and showers for most of the trip), but we spent the last two nights camping (to give Dave his fix for the summer). Logan had the time of his life exploring our camp site!

Behind our fire pit was a cluster of scrawny pine trees, and he would spend hours "hiding" from us in them. Eventually he would pop his head out of one side of the tree (and his leg would pop out of the other side) and yell "PEAK-E-BOO!" and we had to act surprised. He would laugh and do it again and again.

We also loved roasting Smores over the fire! The fire brought us so much joy that if a neighbor had a fire going and we didn't, he would want to go visit them and enjoy their fire. We had great neighbors, so they didn't mind the little visitor.

Logan also loved the pikas running around the camp site (think big chipmunks with long tails). Whenever he would see them he would yell at them "HI, HI!" and chase them down. He learned they come closer if you feed them cheerios... not that we encouraged that or anything.

Over all it was a great trip filled with so much hiking and fun! We're glad to be home, but we had a great time.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

31 is going to be a GREAT year!

Monday was my 31st Birthday! I was a little sad that it was on a week day, but it turned out good. I took the car for the day, so Logan and I started off by taking a trip to Walmart to pick up some fresh ingredients for dinner. I have been wanting to make some home made sushi, so that was the plan for dinner. We also stopped by Target to pick up a sun guard for Logan's window (for a road trip we have for this weekend).

We came home and started chopping fruits and veggies (mangos, lemons, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, jalapenos and avocados). I also got the shrimp and crab out to thaw. Logan and I then just did some relaxing. He played while I cut out a pair of PJ pants I bought the material for some time over the winter. During Logan's nap I got to do most of the sewing on these. I didn't finish, but it was nice to get them mostly done.

When Logan woke up we went on a walk and started the rice to make sushi. I had mixed up the spicy mayo and the sweet eel sauce the day before, so we didn't have to make that. Since we took the car for the day, we picked him up from Trax at 5:30 and headed home to make some sushi!

Oh man, it was delicious! My favorite combos were (1) shrimp, mango, spicy mayo inside out toped with poppy seeds (2) crab, avocado, cucumber, jalapeno, cream cheese inside out with sweet eel sauce drizzled on top. Our first rolls were a little messy, but we got pretty good by the end. We made 5 rolls to enjoy that day, and since nothing was raw, made 5 more for the following day. I did the math, and after you take out the fixed cost of supplies, it pretty much will now cost $12 for 10 rolls in the future.

It took a long time to make and eat dinner (about an hour and a half), but we had fun experimenting with new combos and figuring it all out. For dessert we had a fabulous chocolate cake infused with caramel sauce, and topped with whipped cream and Heath Bar pieces. It was fabulous (and surprisingly gluten free)!

Then we remembered to open presents and went on a walk. It was casual, but a really nice day!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Long Week

Man! What a week it's been. Dave had a deadline last Friday, so he would leave for work at 7:00 am and get home at about 10:30 pm. As much as I'm grateful for overtime, I'd much rather have my husband home with us! Logan gets antsy and ornery when he only has me to interact with.

Tuesday it rained all day, so we were stuck in the house ALL DAY LONG. It was a long, long day. Wednesday was nice out, so we went on a few walks, played at the school, and walked over to Subway for dinner (let's be honest, I needed a break by dinner time). We also dropped some things off at the thrift store and picked up a few shirts for me. Although I didn't know it at the time, everything was 50% off, so I got 3 shirts for $6. Not too shabby!

Thursday Dave got home a little earlier! Too bad I already had visiting teaching schedueled for that night, so I didn't get to see him until 8:30 or 9. But it was good not to have to take Logan on the visits. As much as I love that little guy to death, sometimes it's nice to have a night off.

Friday Logan went over to Grandma Linda & Grandpa Bills so Dave could take me out for a hot Birthday date! We saw The Great and Powerful Oz at the $1 theater. It was weird: I wouldn't recommend it. I'm glad we didn't see it full price. We snook In-N-Out into the theaters with us, and I had a free popcorn coupon for my birthday. We were pretty stuffed by the end of the movie, but Dave insisted to treat me to Dairy Queen after too. I love ice cream, so I suffered through it.

Dave decided to take on yet another yard work project. He decided to put up two poles in the yard to better hang up our hammock. It was needed, but I didn't want to do it this weekend! It took pretty much all day, but it's nice to have it done. We walked on the Jordan River Trail that night, and called it good.

Sunday we headed to my parents house for a family BBQ. It was nice to see everyone, but we headed home a little early to get the house cleaned up and to do some prep work for Monday.