Monday, October 19, 2015

Pirate Initiation

It's been a busy week, but a good one! Dave has been working late nights all month, which is hard for all of us. But we're looking forward to taking some time to visit my parents in Casper, WY soon. We can't wait to see them, do some hiking, and just all around relaxing. Maybe I should start packing (I like to get started 2 weeks in advance), but that would require me to get out our winter clothes, as it's supposed to be 50 - 60 when we're there.

Sunday was a good day! We enjoyed church, and Logan has been practicing his line for the Primary program Nov 8th. His teacher said he got up and said it from heart! I was so proud, I didn't know he had it memorized. We also went on a walk, cut the boys hair and watched a movie together.

We've been doing a lot of cleaning over the past week too. The renters moved out, and we're all working hard to make the space ours again. This weekend Dave helped me move around furniture and storage crates. Today I got the upstairs almost all put back together, and thoroughly cleaned out the basement bathroom. My friend had a work meeting today and asked if I could watch her two kids, so you would think it was an unproductive day, but the kids entertained themselves so well I got a lot done!

Logan's really been enjoying Preschool lately. He has a fun time playing with his friends and even got in trouble for talking when he was supposed to be listening (I know I shouldn't be happy for this, but it just shows me he feels comfortable there). He even has made little presents for his teacher.

Some time in the past week Logan tried to pierce Dustin's ear with a corn on the cob holders. I was doing laundry and heard Dustin scream bloody murder!!! When I came upstairs his ear was bleeding like crazy and it took forever to stop. The boys had been playing dress up, and I guess Dustin wanted to be a pirate. We take dress up seriously in our house.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


It's been a crazy month! We've done a lot, and had a good time doing it. Somewhere in there we went free apple picking, visited the widows in the ward, and enjoyed General Conference. The first session of each day was hard, but we got Dustin to nap during the second and bribed Logan with TONS of junk food. We had to make rules like (1) you can only snack during the songs and (2) The Day of Rest does not mean it's time to Wrestle. Even if it sounds similar.

Last weekend we picked pumpkins. Dave, Dustin and I picked big ones, and Logan wanted his to be different and get a little one. He's been sleeping with it at night and reads books to it. This year he's excited to carve his pumpkin too.

For FHE this week we made salt dough Halloween shapes and painted them. The boys had so much fun painting them. As we were painting, they would tell me "I want to give this one to Grandma/Grandpa/my teacher/etc." so we have a stack of decorations to give away!

I've also been sewing like crazy trying to get ready for Halloween. Logan decided he and Dustin are going to be Buzz and Woody. So I have sewn Dustin his costume, and Logan's is in the works. I sewed his shirt and gloves, and have the pattern for his hat. They've been practicing trick or treating too.

I've started watching a friend's two kids (2 years & 5 months) one day a week. Logan's at preschool in the morning and with naps for the little people he doesn't get to play much, but Dustin LOVES playing with his friends! And both boys just love baby Jovi. The boys fight over who gets to feed her and keep her happy. It's been fun.