Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Working in the Yard!

Last week we met with the missionaries and the family renting out our basement. It didn't go well, but I don't think they were offended. The missionaries had approached Ronak on the street, and asked if they could teach, so I think the family was just glad we were there to help out. I don't know if the missionary had ever taught anyone that wasn't Christian before. They would say something, and I would have to break it down so it was understandable to a non Christian background. It was extremely confusing, but they now have an idea of our beliefs. Hopefully they can learn more in the future.

The plan was to build a fence this weekend (Dave tore down the old rotting fence last fall, so we had to do something to keep the kids in the back yard). When we saw the forecast for Friday and Saturday was rain both days, I convinced Dave to build the fence Thursday night after work. He got done around 9, and the next day the boys and I painted it. Dave told me I needed to have it painted by 10 for it to be dry enough for the rain that afternoon. So we worked like crazy and got it done!

Dave's also been working like crazy on the gazebo. He removed a section of the side wall and built a step so we can access the gazebo from the back yard! I love it, because it gives us that much more space in the back yard. We also laid stepping stones leading from the gazebo to the grass. Later this summer we will fill in between the stepping stones with rocks/gravel, but for now, at least we're not stepping in mud.

To the right and left of the stepping stones, we will probably plant some drouth resistant plants (i.e. something I don't have to water). Dave's looking for some kind of a grass and I like Chicks and Hens. But we'll see what the nursery down the street has to offer.

Saturday morning and afternoon, since it didn't end up raining after all, we tilled up the garden, laid our plastic down (to discourage weeds), laid the water line for the garden, and weeded almost all our flower beds. I couldn't believe how fast the day went, and all the sudden it was time for dinner! The boys were filthy from digging in the garden, so we cleaned up, ate, and called it a night.

Sunday we got to see my Aunt Kathryn who was in town from North Carolina. We also saw some of my family (since my parents threw a dinner for her). It was nice to catch up, and have a day of rest after such a busy Friday and Saturday.

Monday Dave and Dustin woke up with coughs, sore throats and stuffy noses. So we're just holding down to fort, hoping everyone gets well soon!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Brothers, Storms & Batman

So before we get into this week, some Easter pictures I forgot about! Well, I was going for a traditional cute brother picture, but the boys just didn't agree. They wanted a silly one. I've kept meaning to dress them back up and try again, but it didn't happen. So this is what we got… Maybe Dave can photo shop the picture with Dustin smiling not the one with Logan smiling, although the wink is pretty cute too.

So we tried again yesterday and got two cute ones. I asked them to say cheese and Dustin would say it, then start laughing! Apparently it's pretty funny when there's no cheese in sight. Getting two boys to smile at the same time is quite the chore! No wonder our family pictures growing up always had someone not smiling in it!

Anyway, last week was a crazy one! We had a wind/mud/snow storm on Wednesday! It was crazy and it the 100 mile an hour wind blew down one of our trees! So instead of building a fence Saturday, we had to find a chain saw and cut down a tree.  Lots of work, but glad it's done. Now that sections of the yard looks so bare we're considering what we want to plant there instead.

Our Snowman after the storm!

The tree took us all morning to disassemble, but it's done. Now we just have to grind down the stump and we should be good. In the afternoon Dave, Dustin and I took a long nap (yup, Dustin is still teething). After that, we found out the sink in the basement was leaking hot water, so Dave fixed that while I took the boys Grocery shopping.

Sunday after church we went to the Hindu temple with the guys in the basement. This all stemmed from the sister missionaries approached Ronak on the street and asked if they could teach his family, it lead to a discussion and the invitation to their church (and we'll all be meeting with the missionaries Tuesday night).

We tried to prep Logan on the drive over about going to a different church along with what to expect (statues, incense, etc). He was very quiet and respectful, but told Dave after he didn't like it, he wants to go to our church from now on. Dave and I think it's good for the boys to experience different religions and cultures, and it was very interesting for us to learn about their church too.

Monday night we had FHE! We watched a movie on the Tree of Life, then we had to act out the Tree of Life for like an hour (Save me, I'm falling off the iron rod! Oh no, you are stuck in the big building!!!).

Also, I got Dustin on video singing the Batman Song! And Logan telling a story about Batman. Excuse the messy house… We have 2 boys who destroy the places regularly. And a pile of clean folded laundry in the background.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tax Week

Last weekend we worked out in the yard a lot! Dave has been altering the gazebo. He removed the side rails leading up to the gazebo, and made the 4 foot long step into a regular size step. This is helpful in my loading the boys into and out of the car. Now I have more room to get them in. He also opened up the side of the gazebo leading to the back yard and added a step so we can easily access the gazebo from the back yard. Finally he laid two polls on the side of the gazebo to install a fence. Oh, and he hug our swing bench thing from the ceiling. I also changed things up so we have a bench attached to one of the walls of the gazebo. It is the length of our table, so it will be nice not to have to get out chairs if we want to eat outside. Now I just have to paint it!

Dustin's been talking like crazy lately! Mostly food words; with cheese, milk and more topping the list. But he also has started saying Batman and between that and pointing, we're now communicating quite effectively. It's really interesting to compare him with the little Indian boy in the basement. Dustin is two months younger but talks like crazy in comparison.

Monday was 75 degrees here! We spent 5 hours outside that day. The first two were spent walking to the store and playing outside. But the latter 3 were spent outside because I locked us out of the house. Sigh! Needless to say I have now replaced the hide a key so this shouldn't happen again. I was glad it was nice out, so we played in the sand box, walked to the park, swung on swings and played on the slide.

Wednesday it snowed like crazy, so the RS president canceled our presidency meeting. So we decided to play with Logan's friends Abby, Edison, and Maddy. We built a snow man, had snow ball fights, and just had a good time. The kids refused to let me take pictures of them, so you can imagine how much fun they had.

That afternoon I got a text from Dave requesting a presentation on Utah Animals. He teaches the 11 year old Scouts for the Stake, and I guess they wanted him to teach about what animals we could see in the wilderness. I have a few weird things like that saved from teaching at Girls Camp, but I didn't have animals. So the boys and I created a 15 page document (complete with pictures and scientific names). It turned out well, and Dave bound it. The boys loved looking at the pictures and making the noises the animals make. I just hope we have an excuse to use it again.

Wednesday night Dave fell asleep at 9 (teething is killing us), so I started a doll for a friend's little girl. Although I don't remember, I guess I made her oldest daughter a doll years ago. Now she has two girls and they fight over the it. So since she is going to be out here visiting, I whipped one up! I wanted to make two, but I just didn't have the time. I think she turned out cute!

They came over this morning to play! We had fun comparing 3 year olds and letting the kids get out every toy we own. De's one of my best friends, and it's great to get to catch up!

Logan informed me this week he wants to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween and Dustin wants to be Woody. And every few hours he asks me if I've finished his costume yet! I keep telling him first we have to go to JoAnn's and buy the material. I really hope if I make him a costume, he will still want to be Buzz on Halloween. If not, at least he'll get some dressing up out of it!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter & Catching Up

So I swear I wrote a post last week, but it looks like I dreamed I posted… Sleep depravation, what can you do? So last two weeks? Dustin stopped teething, Logan got sick, and Dustin's teething again! So we may have switched who is waking us up at night, but we still haven't been sleeping. We did get two nights in a row of sleep, but I digress.

Logan's belly has been hurting for a week and a half now. He went for a week strait not eating anything (literally, but he was still drinking). He's started eating again, and about every other day he is sick again. We took him into the Dr last week, and they did lots of tests on him, but haven't found out what's wrong (not appendicitis, not strep throat, not a UTI, probably not a virus…). So I'm at a loss as to how to help him feel better. Dave wants me to get him gluten tested, but his belly was hurting when he wasn't eating gluten too, so I don't think they correlate.

Some time in the last two weeks we went to Wheeler farm with a few friends. The boys just LOVED the animals. Dustin wanted to pet everything (even the horses). They had a Library story time in the milking barn first, then we visited the animals followed by playing at the playground. It was tons of fun, but exhausting!

Tuesday night the Young Women were doing a massive babysitting night, so we dropped the kids off at church for 2 hours and had a mid week date! We went out for Thai food and did some casual browsing of Target (not enough time for a Temple trip, or we would have done a session). It was a nice little break.

Last Wednesday we also had a new renter move into the basement. Ronak works for my Dad, and is from India (on contract here for 6 months). They couldn't find an apartment for him in his price range, so Dad talked Dave and I into renting to him (and the price is right). It was a lot of work getting the space ready, but it's going well now. He's a nice man, and his family moves in tonight (their flight comes in at 8).

So Friday I convinced Dave to take off work to help me with the insanity of sick Logan and teething Dustin (both clingy/needy = no fun for Mom). BUT the boys were 700% better behaved on Friday… so we did our taxes in the morning (finally). That afternoon we went to the park, did laundry, and just had a casual day. Saturday we did a lot of General Conference watching, candy bribing, and muffin eating. Dave and I didn't get a lot out of the first session, but Logan recognized a few of the general authorities from the picture of the 12 we have. "Oh Mom, he's from my picture!" it was cute.

Second session Dustin was still napping, so we let Logan put a movie on my laptop so we could get a little out of Conference. I felt a little guilty, but you can't expect a 3 year old to pay attention to 8 hours of Conference anyway. Dave was working on the Gazebo outside while the session started, to I turned it on on the radio for him. Ronak came out to help, and Dave explained Conference to him and they had a religious discussion while getting to a stopping spot on the Gazebo (good missionary work Dave). Ronak is hindu, so it lead to Dave and I having a discussion about their general beliefs too.

We went up to my brother Mike & Alison's house after second session, had an egg hunt with the kids and just had fun! Dustin was fascinated with their goats and chickens. My dad kept putting him on the goats for rides and Dustin thought that was awesome (the goats, not so much)! He just loves animals. We stayed for pizza and the men went to Priesthood Session.

Easter Sunday was tons of fun! Logan woke up bright and early at 7 and we had to see what the easter bunny left us. Every egg he opened was a surprise "Oh, more Jelly Beans!!!" He ate a lot of candy, then we had to dye eggs (yes, before breakfast). Both boys thought that was pretty fun. We watched both sessions and made funeral potatoes and ham for dinner (with green beans and rolls). We discussed Easter and why we celebrate it with Logan.

Conference naps!
Monday morning Logan woke up and asked me "Mom is it still Easter?" No, it's Monday "When is Jesus coming back then? You said 3 days later Jesus came back alive ant that's why we celebrate Easter. I want to meet him!" So he got it almost right, we just had to discuss how He died a long time ago, and went back to live in heaven.