Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tax Week

Last weekend we worked out in the yard a lot! Dave has been altering the gazebo. He removed the side rails leading up to the gazebo, and made the 4 foot long step into a regular size step. This is helpful in my loading the boys into and out of the car. Now I have more room to get them in. He also opened up the side of the gazebo leading to the back yard and added a step so we can easily access the gazebo from the back yard. Finally he laid two polls on the side of the gazebo to install a fence. Oh, and he hug our swing bench thing from the ceiling. I also changed things up so we have a bench attached to one of the walls of the gazebo. It is the length of our table, so it will be nice not to have to get out chairs if we want to eat outside. Now I just have to paint it!

Dustin's been talking like crazy lately! Mostly food words; with cheese, milk and more topping the list. But he also has started saying Batman and between that and pointing, we're now communicating quite effectively. It's really interesting to compare him with the little Indian boy in the basement. Dustin is two months younger but talks like crazy in comparison.

Monday was 75 degrees here! We spent 5 hours outside that day. The first two were spent walking to the store and playing outside. But the latter 3 were spent outside because I locked us out of the house. Sigh! Needless to say I have now replaced the hide a key so this shouldn't happen again. I was glad it was nice out, so we played in the sand box, walked to the park, swung on swings and played on the slide.

Wednesday it snowed like crazy, so the RS president canceled our presidency meeting. So we decided to play with Logan's friends Abby, Edison, and Maddy. We built a snow man, had snow ball fights, and just had a good time. The kids refused to let me take pictures of them, so you can imagine how much fun they had.

That afternoon I got a text from Dave requesting a presentation on Utah Animals. He teaches the 11 year old Scouts for the Stake, and I guess they wanted him to teach about what animals we could see in the wilderness. I have a few weird things like that saved from teaching at Girls Camp, but I didn't have animals. So the boys and I created a 15 page document (complete with pictures and scientific names). It turned out well, and Dave bound it. The boys loved looking at the pictures and making the noises the animals make. I just hope we have an excuse to use it again.

Wednesday night Dave fell asleep at 9 (teething is killing us), so I started a doll for a friend's little girl. Although I don't remember, I guess I made her oldest daughter a doll years ago. Now she has two girls and they fight over the it. So since she is going to be out here visiting, I whipped one up! I wanted to make two, but I just didn't have the time. I think she turned out cute!

They came over this morning to play! We had fun comparing 3 year olds and letting the kids get out every toy we own. De's one of my best friends, and it's great to get to catch up!

Logan informed me this week he wants to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween and Dustin wants to be Woody. And every few hours he asks me if I've finished his costume yet! I keep telling him first we have to go to JoAnn's and buy the material. I really hope if I make him a costume, he will still want to be Buzz on Halloween. If not, at least he'll get some dressing up out of it!


  1. That doll is adorable!! Nice job!

    I hope that you've got Logan's tummy issues sorted out, and that Dustin will give you a break from teething. It really is the worst!

    1. I think Logan is done with his tummy problems. And teething... sigh, never ending! I don't think we have slept well in 2.5 months! I am dieing