Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter & Catching Up

So I swear I wrote a post last week, but it looks like I dreamed I posted… Sleep depravation, what can you do? So last two weeks? Dustin stopped teething, Logan got sick, and Dustin's teething again! So we may have switched who is waking us up at night, but we still haven't been sleeping. We did get two nights in a row of sleep, but I digress.

Logan's belly has been hurting for a week and a half now. He went for a week strait not eating anything (literally, but he was still drinking). He's started eating again, and about every other day he is sick again. We took him into the Dr last week, and they did lots of tests on him, but haven't found out what's wrong (not appendicitis, not strep throat, not a UTI, probably not a virus…). So I'm at a loss as to how to help him feel better. Dave wants me to get him gluten tested, but his belly was hurting when he wasn't eating gluten too, so I don't think they correlate.

Some time in the last two weeks we went to Wheeler farm with a few friends. The boys just LOVED the animals. Dustin wanted to pet everything (even the horses). They had a Library story time in the milking barn first, then we visited the animals followed by playing at the playground. It was tons of fun, but exhausting!

Tuesday night the Young Women were doing a massive babysitting night, so we dropped the kids off at church for 2 hours and had a mid week date! We went out for Thai food and did some casual browsing of Target (not enough time for a Temple trip, or we would have done a session). It was a nice little break.

Last Wednesday we also had a new renter move into the basement. Ronak works for my Dad, and is from India (on contract here for 6 months). They couldn't find an apartment for him in his price range, so Dad talked Dave and I into renting to him (and the price is right). It was a lot of work getting the space ready, but it's going well now. He's a nice man, and his family moves in tonight (their flight comes in at 8).

So Friday I convinced Dave to take off work to help me with the insanity of sick Logan and teething Dustin (both clingy/needy = no fun for Mom). BUT the boys were 700% better behaved on Friday… so we did our taxes in the morning (finally). That afternoon we went to the park, did laundry, and just had a casual day. Saturday we did a lot of General Conference watching, candy bribing, and muffin eating. Dave and I didn't get a lot out of the first session, but Logan recognized a few of the general authorities from the picture of the 12 we have. "Oh Mom, he's from my picture!" it was cute.

Second session Dustin was still napping, so we let Logan put a movie on my laptop so we could get a little out of Conference. I felt a little guilty, but you can't expect a 3 year old to pay attention to 8 hours of Conference anyway. Dave was working on the Gazebo outside while the session started, to I turned it on on the radio for him. Ronak came out to help, and Dave explained Conference to him and they had a religious discussion while getting to a stopping spot on the Gazebo (good missionary work Dave). Ronak is hindu, so it lead to Dave and I having a discussion about their general beliefs too.

We went up to my brother Mike & Alison's house after second session, had an egg hunt with the kids and just had fun! Dustin was fascinated with their goats and chickens. My dad kept putting him on the goats for rides and Dustin thought that was awesome (the goats, not so much)! He just loves animals. We stayed for pizza and the men went to Priesthood Session.

Easter Sunday was tons of fun! Logan woke up bright and early at 7 and we had to see what the easter bunny left us. Every egg he opened was a surprise "Oh, more Jelly Beans!!!" He ate a lot of candy, then we had to dye eggs (yes, before breakfast). Both boys thought that was pretty fun. We watched both sessions and made funeral potatoes and ham for dinner (with green beans and rolls). We discussed Easter and why we celebrate it with Logan.

Conference naps!
Monday morning Logan woke up and asked me "Mom is it still Easter?" No, it's Monday "When is Jesus coming back then? You said 3 days later Jesus came back alive ant that's why we celebrate Easter. I want to meet him!" So he got it almost right, we just had to discuss how He died a long time ago, and went back to live in heaven.

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