Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Superheroes & Doctors

Big news! We found out today we're having a baby GIRL! Dave and I are pretty excited. The boys are a little disappointed. All afternoon Logan kept exclaiming "But I wanted another brother!" and "I didn't want a a girl!" And Dustin keeps talking about his baby brother and discussing how he saw it was a boy at the Dr. We thought we had prepped them for this pretty well (we kept telling them God picks if it's a Boy or Girl), but I guess not!

When we walked into the office Dustin told the receptionist "we're gonna see a video of our baby brother." They thought it was pretty hilarious that he was so set on a boy. They refused to answer the receptionist when we headed out and they asked what the baby was. Although Dustin was impressed that the baby was sucking her thumb "like me!" So she's not a total loss.

Last week we went to FHE at a new family in our ward's house. They have 3 boys (5 almost 6, 3 almost 4 and 18 months). The boys had a great time with them, and we are excited to get to know them better this summer. They're also expecting a baby in August, so our babies can be friends too.

It's been so warm around here! We got out our trampoline and have been spending a little time each day enjoying that. The boys also have loved playing in the sandbox, kids house, and digging in their garden (ie, the flower bed). I love how well they entertain themselves outside, and how content they are exploring the yard. I finally am at the point where I trust Dustin to stay in the back yard or under the car port without running into our front yard. I usually just wash lunch dishes while they're in the yard, so I can watch out the window to make sure they aren't escaping into the front yard.

The boys got to go to Logan's Friend Brigg's birthday party too! They had so much fun. They pretty much played dressup as the different super heroes the whole time. I think they all got to be everyone.

And of course they enjoyed their cake with blue frosting. They were in sugar heaven.

Logan and Dustin are a crack up lately. I asked them a few weeks ago what they wanted to do for a job when they grew up. Logan responded "a hotdog salesman" Dustin decided on "Superman". I'm not sure if Logan means he wants to own a hotdog stand, or if he means being a corporate sales man for Ballpark. I guess he has time to figure it out. They also have picked out their favorite baby names. Dustin is still rooting for Baby Jesus, but would also be ok with Batman, Venom, or Baby Wreck it Ralph. Logan is pretty set on Marsh (no longer Marshmallow, just Marsh).

I'm finally feeling better! Not 100 percent yet, but I'm definitely getting my energy back. Last doctors appointment my Dr told me (after reviewing my bloodwork) she was pretty sure my low thyroid levels would fix themselves in the next few weeks. I was also recovering from a cold, so I've still got congestion but I'm feeling a ton better! I've even started exercising again this week (I don't exercise when I'm sick).

With all this extra energy I got out my maternity shirts (finally!) and went through all my regular clothes. I donated things I don't wear to the thrift store and stored everything else in crates (two for summer, two for winter, one for post-baby/nursing). So now I have a section of my closet for smaller maternity shirts and one for larger shirts (for later). I'm still in my regular pants for a little longer, but had enough room to put maternity pants in my drawers too (what can I say, my maternity wardrobe isn't as extensive as my regular one).

And now that we know what we're having I need to dig through all the baby stuff to see what we have that works for a girl, what we've been given (we've collected a few hand me downs over the years), and what we need to buy. I really need to do this before I go crazy buying stuff. Which is pretty tempting right now.