Monday, November 6, 2017


I've been trying to get a good picture of the kids all fall. They do not want this, so it's been extremely hard. This is the best one I could get.

Brooklyn is always ready to smile and look cute for the camera though!

I love these kids even if they are always making a mess and getting into trouble.

We received a letter stating City hall was giving away bags to collect leaves in. We went down to get some the first day they were giving them out at 11am only to be told they had already given away all 40 boxes of leaf bags. So I tried again to get a cute picture of the kids. Only Brooklyn cooperated.

One of our big jobs for the week was to tear out the tomato plants in the garden. Brooklyn loved eating all the not quite ripe tomatoes that fell on the ground. I saved all the ones that didn't have little bite marks to ripen on the window seal.

Last weekend we had tickets to go to a Grizzlies hockey game! The kids won them from completing the Summer reading program at the Library and it was fun to go see a game. It took a little while for the boys to get into it, but by the end they were enjoying themselves. Brooklyn and I had fun though!

Saturday we also attended our ward's chili cook off and costume party. I was glad to not bring anything to the event and to get to enjoy chili, cornbread, and candy. The kids had fun playing with their church friends.

On Halloween Logan's school had it's annual parade! This year Dustin was less than pleased to attend. He didn't want to dress up and he didn't want to sit in that loud, noisy gym waiting for his brother. Brooklyn started throwing a fit when the parade started and cried until Logan's class walked through and we left (early). But Logan was happy we got to see him, and that's what counts.

This year I failed to get a picture of our whole family or the three of us together on Halloween! The boys always want to be super heroes! Dustin wanted to be Hot Flash (he's convinced this is Flash's full name) and Logan was Thor. 

I wanted to dress Brooklyn up as something girly, but the boys and Dave insisted she would make a great Batgirl. When we took her out she had leggings, a long sleeve shirt and a cape, but she preferred to just wear her onesie when we got home.

We trick-or-treated our street and did the ward trunk or treat and somehow still managed to fill out the boys pumpkins! They were in heaven! Candy galore! We only grabbed like 6 pieces of candy for Brooklyn but found out that wasn't nearly enough for her! She ate a ton of the boys candy. Good thing she's cute and the boys didn't mind sharing with her. Next year we'll get her all the candy!!!

Here's a video of Brooklyn bouncing off the walls when we were trying to get her to sleep. For those who don't believe in sugar high... Here's your 9pm proof!

This weekend was full of work! We installed our new dishwasher, replaced the bathroom sink and all the stuff underneath the sink. It was leaking from two places and we figured we might as well replace the second valve while we were in there. It probably would have gone bad soon anyway.  That might not sound like a lot of work, but it consumed Friday and Saturday. 

Oh, I guess Saturday morning Dave helped a neighbor put shingles on the roof of his house too. They started the previous Saturday but since only Dave, the owner and one other guy showed up they had to work on it this Saturday as well.

I started meal planning for the month of November. I've got big plans to make extra food to freeze for December so the holiday season runs smoother. With being sick and not having a dishwasher for the past month I've really been struggling with wanting to cook, so hopefully this kicks me back into gear. We'll see how it goes.

Friday, October 27, 2017

The Week of NO!

I've been sick so long I can't remember when it started. First it was a cold, then it became a sinus infection (which I still have). Needless to say I haven't gotten too much done in a while. Somewhere in the first week of sickness my dishwasher died so we pulled out the paper products until a new one can be delivered (expected delivery the 4th of November).

I decided I am the reason I'm not getting better so I dubbed this "The Week of the NO!" Since getting sick I have made two families meals, and done far more than I should, so I decided this week I was completely focusing on resting, healing and feeling better. So Sunday when the Ward Chilli Cookoff sign up went around I didn't even look at it! I just passed it on (along with the other sign-ups that were handed around... I didn't even read the cause). It's been so hard to not DO much. Like closing my eyes and not noticing all the toys piling up in the Living room. But I'm feeling a lot better than last week and hope to be 100% better by the end of the weekend.

Last week Logan had Fall Break so we tried really hard to do fun things! We went to the Library to pick out new books and movies for the weekend. The kids are working on a Library program where they need to read a certain amount of books to qualify for a free book, so they requested us go here! We also hit up the Zipline Park and made several trips to the park across the street. We had a few coupons for free kids meals at Del Taco left over from our summer reading program rewards so we hit them up too. The kids loved their quesadillas and the play place!

Saturday included the Plastow family Halloween Party at Jon & Anisa's house and the kids had fun playing with their cousins. We also had a surprise home inspection Saturday morning. I guess we have reached 20% of the value of our home payed off toward the Mortgage company so they need to make sure the value of the house is still at least where it was when we took out the loan and then they can remove our Mortgage Insurance. So it's a good thing, but I wasn't too happy when they called to schedule it on Friday. I requested they come out the following week but was told it "needed to be done within 24 hours". Sounds like crap to me, but we cleaned like mad to make sure it looked nice for them to take pictures.

This week was also a short week for Logan (half day of school Thursday and no school Friday). It's been beautiful out weather wise (between 60 and 70) so we've tried to play outside at least once a day. Sometimes more just happened. We also carved pumpkins last night, realizing Halloween is less than a week away. Since Dave had texted saying he was getting sick too the boys and I hollowed out the pumpkins during the day so at night we would just have the fun part left. The boys were convinced they could hear the ocean in their hollowed out pumpkins! They spent about 30 minutes listening to them in wonder.

Dave designed the top one for Brooklyn, Logan drew the middle one, and Dustin drew the bottom one. All turned out great and we love seeing them glow!

Other than that my friend Tenille came to visit us briefly this week. She's had me on a hunt for antique sewing machines and she was just itching to get her hands on her new machine! She bought two for herself and I ended up buying one for my Mom. So in the course of a week I've bought 3 antique sewing machines not for myself. All are Singers, and they were all killer deals.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Carnaval, Conference, Canoeing & Costco

A few weeks ago Logan's school had a Carnaval! The boys had a blast playing in the bounce houses with Logan's friends. They were all over the place and thoroughly wore themselves out!

Brooklyn had a good time watching the boys, but wasn't quite big enough for the festivities yet. She did enjoy the swing, which is one of her favorite things to do in general.

It was a fun event and we let the boys pick a treat while there. Logan got a snow cone and Dustin got a thing of Cotton candy. Dave and I obtained from the sugary goodness.

Last weekend was Conference! We loved listening to the Apostles speak. There was much snacking, much snuggling and much sewing. I have to keep my hands busy or I fall asleep during the afternoon sessions every time.

My main project was appliquéing a penguin onto Brooklyn's stocking. It's not done yet, but the applique part is finished (which is by far the longest to complete).

Logan spent the vast majority of Sunday making Perler bead creations. He made designs, super heroes and a skull for our neighbor. Don't be surprised if you get a creation for Christmas.


This is the oversized bear we have to snuggle with every time we are at Costco. He comes up to my chin he is so huge.

We have to take a picture of him every time we are at Costco and text it to someone BEGGING for it for Dustin's Birthday, Christmas, or "because you love me".

Finally Grandma Sheila and Papa Mike said to buy it for Dustin's Birthday! He doesn't know yet... We "bought" it for Grandma & Papa and it disappeared the next day. It will reappear again in a month. This is Dustin's second massively oversized animal. We snuggle his Giraffe Peachy every day and read our scriptures and bedtime stories leaning against him in the boys room. He promises to share with his sibblings if he could just have one!

Last weekend we went canoeing with Mike and Alison for Sara's birthday bash! We inherited the canoe the Poulson's had when they were kids and Mike inherited the canoe our family had.

Halfway down the river we stopped for watermelon and birthday cake. It was tons of fun!

I was glad to find out Mike and Alison are about as good in a canoe as Dave and I are (not to say we are bad or anything...)

But we all had a good time! Brooklyn kept trying to go swimming. She loved feeling the water and Dustin loved splashing her while Logan loved telling us what we saw on river.

After we chatted while the kids played in the canoes. It was a good time.

Logan was happy to find out we were making our own pizzas for dinner that night too. It's one of our family's favorite meals, and will probably be happening more frequently since I made packets of pizza dough mix.

Other than that our lives have been consumed with selling candybars for Logan's school fundraiser. He set a goal to sell 96 bars which will earn him a prize of a magic thumb trick. I seriously considered buying him the prize so I didn't have to worry about the fundraiser, but he was so gung-ho that I gave in and we went door to door to ward members in the neighborhood. He had sold the entire two boxes by day two of the two week event!

We've also been reading chapter books lately for bedtime stories. Logan picked Tales of the 4th Grade Nothing (which we have completed) and Dustin picked Castle in the Attic (which we are still working on)..

Friday, September 22, 2017

Huntsville and Ogden

The weekend of Sep 15th we headed to Huntsville for a weekend vacation! We started out by visiting the Dinosaur Park in Ogden! It was pretty awesome. They have life size dinosaurs outside and dino bones inside.

We met Papa Bill and Grandma Linda as well as our friend Rikelle and her kids.

Logan was a ham! He loved to pose with the bones and dinosaurs and exclaim "TAKE A PICTURE!!!"

Help! It's going to eat his head!!!

The playground was probably the favorite part of the park because they got to climb on dinosaurs. It was fun to explore with Edison and Jovie.

Dustin was extremely camera shy as well as scared of the dinosaurs. But he had a good time too!.

Each dinosaur had a sign telling you about the dinosaur. I had a lot of fun reading about them and learning more. 

They also had a place where you could dig up fossils! The kids had a blast discovering new dinosaurs!

After the Dinosaur park we headed to McDonalds for dinner and the play place and then went on to the Bed and Breakfast we reserved for the night. It was pretty neat, they had converted a barn into a hotel. Our room had an upstairs with a queen bed, couch and chairs (and we brought a pack n play to put Brooklyn in), spiral staircase leading to the bedroom, kitchen table, and bathroom. Dave was a huge fan and wants to stay in more places like that in the future instead of the hotels I usually book.

The next day Dave woke up early and ran the Huntsville Marathon! He hadn't been training as hard as he should have and ended up injuring himself. But he finished! We were so proud of him!

The boys also competed in their first race too! It was about a mile long but they got tired about .25 miles in and wanted to head back to watching for Dave. Usually I would have pushed for them to complete it, but since we weren't sure when Dave would cross, I let them call it good. A quarter of a mile isn't to shabby for 3 and 6.

This little munchkin has been getting into everything!!! She loves to empty out anything and everything she can get her hands on. And it's more than ever since she has learned how to walk! Dave was so excited to get to see her take her first steps without me. We're so proud of her. Maybe she will grow hair next.

Monday, August 28, 2017

First Week of School!

I'm glad we had a few days at home after our trip. It was good to get back into appropriate bedtimes, healthy food, have all the laundry done and to get to go to the park a few more times!

Sunday we went to our favorite Vista Park (aka the zipline park) and played until bedtime. The boys had so much fun swinging, sliding and generally reaping havoc.

Brooklyn had fun with Dave too!

Logan is working up to climbing all the way to the top of this. He was pretty proud of himself for  getting up so high.

Monday was the first day of school! I didn't want to let Logan go. Last year the first day of school was a few weeks after Brooklyn was born and life was so overwhelming for me that it was a relief to have one less kid to worry about. But this year I am still pretty sad that I don't get to be with Logan for most of the day.

But he had a great first day of school! He was nervous about eating lunch at school, but realized he could sit with his friends (even the ones not in my class Mom!) so he now he enjoys eating lunch at school.

He was also excited to find out he got to go to art class on Mondays. The day was great for him! His whole school were given eclipse glasses and got to go outside to watch the eclipse. They got TWO recesses and he really liked his new teacher.

Dustin and I got to watch the eclipse from our front yard. It was pretty awesome to see! Dustin was so impressed that he insisted everyone that walk by borrow his glasses so they could see the eclipse too. He even ran next door to make sure our neighbor Joe got to see what was going on.

Brooklyn slept through the eclipse. She didn't care that she missed it. As long as she doesn't miss a meal she is happy.

These are some pictures my Uncle James took with his telescope from my parent's house. We wish we could have joined them, but with the first day of school being the same day, we didn't want Logan to miss.

After we picked Logan up from school we walked over to McDonalds for an ice cream cone! The kids cones were HUGE! Even Brooklyn got a big one. It was a fun way to end the school day and we might just make a tradition out of it.

Tuesday Logan asked if he could walk home from school by himself. I stood out in the front yard (from which I can see the door he leaves the school) and watched him walk home. But Wednesday I picked him up from school. He really missed us on Wednesday. He wished he didn't have to go to school ALL day.

Friday he asked if he could bring a rose to school on Monday to give to his friend Evelyn. He was so glad she is in his class! Usually when he asks to pick flowers it's for me. I've been usurped!

Dustin really missed his brother too! Well, it's more of a love hate relation between Logan being gone. Sometimes he loves being the big kid in the house and all the extra attention from Mom, but sometimes he really misses building legos or tinker toys with his brother. Brooklyn tries to play with him, but she's just not as fun yet.

My friend Tenille came down from Idaho to visit me this week too! She wanted to collect some quilting patterns before the Row by Row ended, pin a quilt, and get some delicious Mexican Baked goods. We were able to accomplish all of the above in the 24 hours she was here. It was great to see her, catch up and do some quilting. I haven't really done much fun sewing in a long time!

The weekend went by in a blur. Saturday we finally got around to painting the upstairs bathtub. It's been chipping a little here and there for years. We suspect the previous owner refinished the tub and his painting was wearing off. While we started doing construction on the basement bathroom, the upstairs tub really started to chip bad. But since the basement bathroom was SO much work, especially with 3 young kids, we decided to sand down the upstairs tub and repaint it yet again. I just can't handle another remodel in the next 4 years or so. The pain is supposed to last 4 to 10 years, so we figure we're good for a little while longer.

Anyway, the tub needed 3 coats, all of which got done Saturday. It really stinks, and we can't use it until Wednesday. I guess we need calk and replace the drain before we can use it, but those will be easy. I'll probably also remove the calk from around the toilet too. Might as well do it all at once.

Sunday was a bit crazy too! Dave got a new calling last week to be the Ward Clerk. He has been Ward Clerk before in our Singles Ward, but a family ward is a LOT more work, so he still feels like he has a lot to learn. Anyway, Sunday morning he was gone by 7:30. He got back from church at 2:00. I think in the future we'll make lunches for he and I so he can bring it to church with him and I have something easy to eat while prepping the kid's food.

Dave's friend Darren invited us to go up to his Mom's cabin for the day, so after Dave got home we headed up past Park City. It was nice to be up in the mountains and enjoy nature. We saw two moose, deer, squirrels, and the boys say they saw a raccoon. Dave and Darren took the boys on two for-wheeler rides. I didn't think Brooklyn was quite old enough for a ride, so we hung out at the cabin with Darren's mom Suzanne (who is also in our ward).

It was very relaxing and when it was time to head home the boys begged to spend the night because "We love it here! Whenever we go to a cabin it's for many days! They have lots of beds for sleeping! This room even has two little beds and a big one which would be perfect for our family. Well except Brooklyn... Maybe you can share a bed with her." They fell asleep on the ride home, and easily transferred into their beds when we arrived.

Today Dustin and I are just playing catchup. He has been helping me clean the living room, wash clothes, and get things prepped for dinner. I'm hoping next weekend will be a more relaxing weekend, and since it's a long one it might be possible!