Monday, September 29, 2014

Zion's, Music & a Pet Catterpillar

The past 3 weeks have been so busy! Will life ever slow down?!? I've been working my hardest at finishing the trim on the house. I know it sounds easy… But finding time to get out their and paint without the boys (with Dave working until 10 at night) is not an easy task. But I have it MOSTLY done!

It took a few forced naps for Logan, and two nights of putting the boys down and painting with a head lamp (which is pretty trippy on a 25 foot ladder in the dark). I need Dave's help finishing two vents, and I do want to paint the hand rail before it starts snowing, but I don't have to be on a ladder for that. So hopefully we'll be done in the next few weeks. It's been raining on weekends, which is a big pain!

Last weekend we headed down to Zions for some hiking and time with my family! We got there a night early and spent the day in the park. Let me tell you, it's a ton harder to hike with a 3 year old than with a baby! He thinks he's big enough to do all the hiking and it took us FOREVER!

We had a picnic in the grass in front of the Lodge. Needless to say, Dustin had a fun time!

We hiked Emerald Pools and Dave was followed around by 3 or 4 ladies that "totally loved" his shirt. It was pretty funny. They were married, but insisted in getting a dozen pictures with him.

We only made it to the first pool (0.6 miles one way). The hike there was ok, but the hike back was rough!

Logan would stop every few feet, plop down on the ground, and "make bear tracks". He would run his fingers around so you could see the tracks. It was a long 0.6 miles back. Let's just say Dave and I really earned our DQ!

The next day we went to the splash pad in town with the cousins. They had so much fun splashing and playing! We followed it up with a picnic lunch and some ice cream.

Dustin had so much fun too sticking his toes in the little waters. That night my mom watched the kids so we could go on a date. We saw the Maze Runner (which we've both read). It was interesting, although they made some changes.

Then last week just were catching up from being away, doing laundry and cleaning the house. This weekend it rained the whole weekend. We went on a park date on Friday, but got rained out and ended up in Barnes & Noble.

We're talking major thunder storms that wake the boys up at night! The power went out before we woke up on Saturday, so we spent the day in the dark. But it came back around 4.

Saturday was Women's Conference. Dave and the boys had a little party while I was gone (pizza, gummy sharks, liquorish, and Toy Story). I had a fabulous time at Conference. I've had a few things on my mind lately, and during one of the talks I got the answer I needed. It was very comforting and nice (since I didn't actually go to the meeting expecting a solution). Also I got to visit with a few of the ladies in the ward, which was fun.

Sunday we found a friend while picking our tomatoes! It's a tomato hornworm, and Logan has just loved it! They're really bad for your tomato plants, but it was so cool looking I couldn't help but keep it. So Logan talks to it, carries it from room to room, feeds it, reads to it, and eats with it. When we got up on Monday I thought it was dead (curled up in a ball legs up on the ground), but it bounced back. So we'll see how long it lasts.

This week my goal is to dry the huge box of apples that has been filling our fridge for the past few weeks. Other than that, I need to work on the Halloween costumes too. It's October this week and I'm not even close to being done! AAAH!

I've also included a video of Dustin playing his recorder. I'm pretty sad he broke it, because he just LOVED to play it! Maybe we'll have to get him a new one for Christmas.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Shopping and Packing

I can't believe the weekend is practically here! It's been so busy lately. I only have one section of the trim left to paint, and I'm hoping to get it done next week. We'll see how it goes.

Dustin's been busy learning things lately! He started playing the recorder this week. He doesn't change the notes, but he loves to blow on it. He's also been speaking more. He says u-ho when he drops things, and up when I pick him up. Not sure u-ho is a real word, but he uses it a ton.

Logan got engaged last week. The little girl we watch 2 days a week, Abby approached him by saying "Logan, are you married?" No, I'm going to get married in the Logan Temple (she thinks about that) "You want to marry me?" Ok. Her mom says she's really into marriage right now.

Saturday I had my monthly quilting class and after my mom watched the boys so Dave and I could go to the temple. We did a session and then got to go to lunch. It was nice to get a little break from the boys! They are great, but sometimes they can be wild! That night we also had the sister missionaries over for dinner.

Sunday was super busy, and I think this will be the standard with the new calling. I run around for the last two hours of church just to make sure I get everything done. After church we relaxed a bit, then went to my parent's house for a family dinner. My Grandma Yoder and Aunt Kathryn were in town, and my Uncle David & his family came too. It was fun to catch up with them.

The boys and I went material shopping on Monday with my Grandma & Mom. We were picking out material for the Family Reunion Quilt we'll be working on for next year! 11 of the family wanted to participate, so we'll all make 11 big squares and 11 little squares, then swap them at the reunion. When we get home we'll be able to make them all into a quilt. I think it'll be fun to have that kind of a souvenir. It's a beach theme, since it's taking place on the beach!

We've been cleaning, packing and trying to get ready for a trip to the cabin the rest of the week! It's been busy, and we're ready for the break. Logan's been begging to go. I made some cookies today to bring with us and offered one to him. His response? "I don't want a cookie until we're camping" Hope the cabin qualifies as camping. It will be a short trip, but it should be good!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

3 Batmans Take Over

The BEST part of camping: sticks, dirt & rocks
Last week we got a plethora of jalapeño peppers in our garden. Logan loves to pick them! I'm not sure why, but that and the basil are his favorite. We had somewhere around 200 peppers, so I made a batch of jalapeño jelly. It didn't turn out, but it's been the most tasty mistake ever! It set up too much, and it's a really dark green color, but it's delicious! We were planning on giving it away, but it's too thick so I'll probably end up making another batch to give away and just keep this one for us to eat (darn!).

Last Friday we had our Ward Campout. We weren't sure if we were going to go (the boys still have a cough… 3 weeks and counting), but the lady in charge talked me into it! And I'm so glad she did. Our ward rents cabins up at Heber Vally Camp, so we just had to bring bedding and breakfast foods. We showed up around 4, and went on a hike with everyone that was at the camp. The hike was supposed to lead to two lakes. We found a little green pond/puddle and a mud hole, but we had a fun time!

After that we hung around camp until dinner time. It was fun to chat with everyone, and Logan had so much fun playing with the other kids. Around 9 we put the boys down for bed, and Dave and I stayed up talking later. The next day we went to the big lake. Dave and Logan rented a paddle boat (along with some other families in the ward). They had so much fun paddling around and having a big water fight! Dustin and I got to play in the sand while the big boys were out on the water. The beach had a huge box of sand toys, and Dustin loves digging in the sand. We hope next year to take Dustin on the water too!

Sunday was crazy with my new calling. I swear it consumes the last two hours of church! Hopefully things will calm down in a few weeks when we have everything smoothed out. Logan had fun at Nursery though, and Dustin had a good time with Dave in Priesthood.

This week I've been working on painting the trim on the house during nap times. I scraped the front on Monday, painted the primer coat on Tuesday (then it started raining, so I couldn't finish), and I painted TWO top coats on Wednesday! I have to get the side of the house next, and decide if we really want to paint the ceiling this year, or if it can wait until next year (I'm leaning towards next year). I'd do it during the weekend, but this weekend and next weekend are already full. And I want this done sooner rather than when it starts snowing.

I also was able to start Logan's Halloween costume this week. I had strong encouragement from Logan leading up to this. Last week we moved Dustin up a clothes size, and he has a 12M pair of Batman jammies. Every time we put Dustin in them, Logan would get upset because "I'm Batman and Dustin is Robbin, he isn't Batman!" So I threw together his shirt! I was going to make a fleece shirt, but decided a sweatshirt would get more wear and tear. Now Dave has been asking if he can be Batman for Halloween too. So we have 3 Batmans in the house!

Other than that, I've been trying to finish hand quilting my first quilt. I started it 3 years ago, but I'm really bad at hand quilting so it's been taking me forever to finish! I work on it for a while and get discouraged and put it away for a few months. This time I swear I'm going to finish it! I only have 4 more squares and the boarder to do, then I'm done! So here's hoping.

And Logan dumped the cornmeal all over for his cars...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Paint!

It's been an exhausting week! Dustin has been sick again. He has a cough & stuffy nose right now. He also had a rash (I think because I fed him peanut butter cookies), and an ear infection. But even with all that he's been a happy boy. He just wants to be snuggled a lot. Life's tough when you're little.

Before: when we bought our house
After: We just love the grey!
This weekend I we decided to paint the house. The west side was getting pretty beat up from all the sun, and we figured while we're doing it, we might as well do a good job. Dave talked me into grey, and I picked a dark grey color that we absolutely love! Now that the house has a fresh coat though, I can see that the trim needs a coat too. So more work to be done, but isn't that always the case with a house? I will probably see if I can get that done during nap times this week or next week.

Friday we scraped off all the paint that was chipping, and Saturday we painted two coats (and a primer on the chipped spots). By 4:30 the boys were going crazy from lack of attention, so we called Dave's parents to see if they could come play with the boys and we could finish up. Logan loved playing in the sand box and having someone to read him a million books. I think we were done by 7:30.

Sunday Dave and I were both sore and exhausted! I was so glad we had an excuse to take the day off. Dave went to sacrament and Sunday School, then he came home to be with Dustin so I could go to Relief Society and pick up Logan. I swear, being RS Secretary is the busiest job! I spent half of the meeting running around making copies and getting stuff done with the Ward Clerks. I'm sure things will calm down in a month or so though.

Monday morning I went shopping at Savers (they had 50% off for Labor Day). I now have most of what I need for Logan to go through his next growth spurt. I also got a few shirts for me, and the last thing I need to make Dave's Halloween costume.

Speaking of Halloween Costumes, when we found out Dustin was going to be a boy Dave's response was "Can the boys be Batman & Robin for Halloween". Well, Dustin was born in November, so we didn't get that opportunity last year. So I told him this year we could make them Batman & Robbin. Dave decided we should be characters too. So I'm making him a Two Face costume (he's one of the bad guys), and if I can figure it out I'll make myself a Poison Ivy costume (another bad guy, and she used to date Two Face). But half the time when I bring it up, Dave asks if he can be Batman and Logan can be Robbin… Sigh! So we might end up with 3 Batman's come Halloween. We'll see.