Wednesday, September 10, 2014

3 Batmans Take Over

The BEST part of camping: sticks, dirt & rocks
Last week we got a plethora of jalapeño peppers in our garden. Logan loves to pick them! I'm not sure why, but that and the basil are his favorite. We had somewhere around 200 peppers, so I made a batch of jalapeño jelly. It didn't turn out, but it's been the most tasty mistake ever! It set up too much, and it's a really dark green color, but it's delicious! We were planning on giving it away, but it's too thick so I'll probably end up making another batch to give away and just keep this one for us to eat (darn!).

Last Friday we had our Ward Campout. We weren't sure if we were going to go (the boys still have a cough… 3 weeks and counting), but the lady in charge talked me into it! And I'm so glad she did. Our ward rents cabins up at Heber Vally Camp, so we just had to bring bedding and breakfast foods. We showed up around 4, and went on a hike with everyone that was at the camp. The hike was supposed to lead to two lakes. We found a little green pond/puddle and a mud hole, but we had a fun time!

After that we hung around camp until dinner time. It was fun to chat with everyone, and Logan had so much fun playing with the other kids. Around 9 we put the boys down for bed, and Dave and I stayed up talking later. The next day we went to the big lake. Dave and Logan rented a paddle boat (along with some other families in the ward). They had so much fun paddling around and having a big water fight! Dustin and I got to play in the sand while the big boys were out on the water. The beach had a huge box of sand toys, and Dustin loves digging in the sand. We hope next year to take Dustin on the water too!

Sunday was crazy with my new calling. I swear it consumes the last two hours of church! Hopefully things will calm down in a few weeks when we have everything smoothed out. Logan had fun at Nursery though, and Dustin had a good time with Dave in Priesthood.

This week I've been working on painting the trim on the house during nap times. I scraped the front on Monday, painted the primer coat on Tuesday (then it started raining, so I couldn't finish), and I painted TWO top coats on Wednesday! I have to get the side of the house next, and decide if we really want to paint the ceiling this year, or if it can wait until next year (I'm leaning towards next year). I'd do it during the weekend, but this weekend and next weekend are already full. And I want this done sooner rather than when it starts snowing.

I also was able to start Logan's Halloween costume this week. I had strong encouragement from Logan leading up to this. Last week we moved Dustin up a clothes size, and he has a 12M pair of Batman jammies. Every time we put Dustin in them, Logan would get upset because "I'm Batman and Dustin is Robbin, he isn't Batman!" So I threw together his shirt! I was going to make a fleece shirt, but decided a sweatshirt would get more wear and tear. Now Dave has been asking if he can be Batman for Halloween too. So we have 3 Batmans in the house!

Other than that, I've been trying to finish hand quilting my first quilt. I started it 3 years ago, but I'm really bad at hand quilting so it's been taking me forever to finish! I work on it for a while and get discouraged and put it away for a few months. This time I swear I'm going to finish it! I only have 4 more squares and the boarder to do, then I'm done! So here's hoping.

And Logan dumped the cornmeal all over for his cars...


  1. The cornmeal!! HAHAHA!!! Oh, boys.....never a dull moment. Your little Batmans are so cute.

    1. Oh cornmeal... the couch still looks a little dusty. Even after several vacuumings.