Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bad Habbits

It's been a week of change for Dustin. Since he can now get his little fist in his mouth, I decided it's time to ween him off his pacifier. I've read that up somewhere between 3 and 4 months is when a baby will acquire bad habits. Before that, spoil them rotten! So a few weeks ago I stopped singing and rocking Dustin to sleep at 8 pm. Taking away the pacifier and swaddling hit this week (yeah, I'm that mean, I did both the same week).

Oh, and we banished him into his crib this week too (rather than in the bassinets beside our bed). It actually hasn't been a big deal. We had to do the bassinets because Dustin has been rolling around like crazy lately and I was afraid he might knock the thing over by hitting the edges. He's been rolling since birth, but now that he's almost 15 lbs, he really throws his weight around!

It's been beautiful outside, so we've been really taking advantage of it. We've gone on walks, headed over to the playground across the street, and even swung and played on the gazebo. Logan comes inside covered in dirt, but happy as a clam.

He's decided he's done with Nap time which is KILLING me! I try to convince him to be quiet so I can still nap, but he wants nothing to do with that. Today's "nap" went something like this: I put Dustin down, Logan down and lay down myself (shutting all three doors). 5 minutes later I hear him get up and head to the living room. 5 minutes later He's banging on my door, comes in and loudly asks "MOM, ARE YOU SLEEPING? I NEED TO GIVE YOU A KISS GOOD NIGHT. MAYBE A LITTLE SNUGGLE TOO. MOOOOM!" Then he pulls out the vacuum and pretends to vacuum my wooden floors. This kind of stuff continues for a half hour before I give up. Sigh... no more naps!

Monday we had a casual FHE. A few weeks ago we bought Logan two 35 piece puzzles at DI, and he's just in love with putting them together. So we did that again and again and again. Dave taught a lesson about the Brass Plates, and we made frozen hot chocolate / frosties for dessert.

The rest of the week has been pretty laid back. Just your typical destroy the house and put it back together 27 times a day on top of cooking and playing.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Zions and Brunch

We took this picture the morning of Dustin's baby blessing. I've been hoping Dave could edit it, but he's been so busy with OC Tanner, I finally just printed them out to post.

It's been a whirl wind of a week! Last week Wednesday my parents called to invite us to go to the Cabin with them. So we packed up and headed down Friday afternoon. Saturday Dave, my Dad and I went on a few hikes while Logan and Dustan headed down to my grandma's house with my mom. We got to do two hikes before heading back. Logan and the Grandma's went to the park and Dairy Queen for a cone. The weather was perfect and Dave and I just loved the break! It's been so long since we got to hike without at least Logan.

Sunday we took Logan & Dustin for two hikes (Weeping Rock and Emerald Pools), and headed home. The drive down was great, but the drive back was rough! Logan fell asleep and was a nightmare when he woke up. But we survived, and Logan's

Logan had so much fun splashing in the puddles and seeing the water fall off the mountains. And the weather was perfect for it! It was in the 60's Saturday and 70's Sunday.

Dustin did well, sleeping in the baby backpack most of the time we were hiking. Logan's been asking to go back to the cabin since we got home, so I figure it was a success.

We headed home Sunday night, and since Dave had Monday off, we had a day to recoup before the week officially started. Dave finished his OC Tanner project in the morning, and we got to go to the park in the afternoon. It was crazy windy, but Logan had fun swinging and sliding.

Yesterday my Grandma Yoder was in town, so I had her, my mom, and sisters over for a ladies brunch. It was fun to catch up and Logan had the time of his life playing with his cousins Andrea, Sara, Brier, and Star. He's been talking about them ever since! We'll have to hang out with them again soon.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quiet Week

It's been a stay at home week for us. It's snowed and rained a lot over the past week. So we hunkered down and did a lot of reading, baking and just hanging out. Oh, and done laundry. You'd be surprised how much laundry you have to do with two little guys in the house.

Dave has been working on his OC Tanner project and has had some fabulous pieces coming together. He's met with them several times and every time he wow's them with his designs. I'm so glad it's all going well. Hopefully  he'll be done with this project soon and they'll give him a new one!

About 2 weeks ago I got a notice from the library that I had several books reserved and waiting for me. Whenever I see or hear about a book that sounds interesting, I request it. Most of the time there's a wait list, so they'll slowly come in every once in a while. When we got to the library I had 10 books all come in at once! So I've been trying to finish them all before I have to return them. Since Dustin is still waking up twice in the night, I've been able to knock out a few books.

Friday we also started watching the olympics. Logan is enamored with the snowboarding. I love the figure skating, and Dave loves all the racing sports. So whenever we turn on the olympics, someone seems to be happy. Other than that, it's been a quiet week for us!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Baby Blessing!

Sunday we had Dustin blessed in our ward building! I got him a cute little tuxido from a catholic website. I almost died of cuteness. I had to hem up the pants because they were 6 inches too long, but other than that, it fit his chubby little body well.

Dave wanted a picture of him with Dustin, and this turned out best of the batch!

And I LOVE this one, but it's a little out of focus... He's such a cutie.

 Then I took these ones with my mom's quilt as the background

 And these are with the blanket I crocheted for him. It's so soft and fuzzy!

 We invited all our siblings, a few uncles, and some friends to come. We took up 5 center rows in the chapel! It was very sweet to see so many people there to support Dustin. His blessing went well. It's always nice to hear what's in store for him.

Sunday night we went over to my parents house for a family dinner. It was fun to mingle with everyone and get to do more visiting. I now have

Friday night we had gone over to Mike & Alison's house to make pizza and play games. Logan had the time of his life playing with Andrea. Ever since he came home he kept talking about what they played and requesting play time with Sara. He's also been talking about Totoro ever since. "I'm the Daddy Totoro, you be the baby Totoro." Even if he didn't love the movie, he loved playing it.

Last week Logan's fish died. I tried to sneak the fish in the bathroom to flush him without Logan noticing, but he caught me. So I explained that the fish died and couldn't live with us any more. Logan spent the rest of the week telling me how he missed his fish. So finally I told him his fish had gone to heaven to live with God and Jesus. He looked at me funny and said "God and Jesus in the potty?" Oh how a little mind connects the dots!