Monday, February 3, 2014

Baby Blessing!

Sunday we had Dustin blessed in our ward building! I got him a cute little tuxido from a catholic website. I almost died of cuteness. I had to hem up the pants because they were 6 inches too long, but other than that, it fit his chubby little body well.

Dave wanted a picture of him with Dustin, and this turned out best of the batch!

And I LOVE this one, but it's a little out of focus... He's such a cutie.

 Then I took these ones with my mom's quilt as the background

 And these are with the blanket I crocheted for him. It's so soft and fuzzy!

 We invited all our siblings, a few uncles, and some friends to come. We took up 5 center rows in the chapel! It was very sweet to see so many people there to support Dustin. His blessing went well. It's always nice to hear what's in store for him.

Sunday night we went over to my parents house for a family dinner. It was fun to mingle with everyone and get to do more visiting. I now have

Friday night we had gone over to Mike & Alison's house to make pizza and play games. Logan had the time of his life playing with Andrea. Ever since he came home he kept talking about what they played and requesting play time with Sara. He's also been talking about Totoro ever since. "I'm the Daddy Totoro, you be the baby Totoro." Even if he didn't love the movie, he loved playing it.

Last week Logan's fish died. I tried to sneak the fish in the bathroom to flush him without Logan noticing, but he caught me. So I explained that the fish died and couldn't live with us any more. Logan spent the rest of the week telling me how he missed his fish. So finally I told him his fish had gone to heaven to live with God and Jesus. He looked at me funny and said "God and Jesus in the potty?" Oh how a little mind connects the dots!


  1. Glad the blessing went well! Dustin looked adorable in that tux!

    1. Thanks! I'm just in love with his tux. I wish he would wear it more than once...