Thursday, February 25, 2016

Visiting the Provo Temple

Last week was Dave's 35th birthday! We had fun celebrating. As requested, we made homemade pizza and banana cream pie. The boys wrapped Dave's gifts and were so excited to "help" him open them. They were quite funny with their excitement.

Wednesday night I went to my first Hawaiian Quilting class. My friend Tenille and Dave's Mom joined me and we had fun. It was great to learn something new, although it's going to take a while to perfect the skill, and it's slow moving.

I found out last week I have an under active thyroid. It's related to the pregnancy and hopefully will go away soon. It's caused in the first half of pregnancy because the baby can't produce it's own thyroid hormones, so usually the mother produces enough for both. But it looks like my body hasn't done that this time around. Hopefully I'll go back to normal when the baby produces it's own hormones. I have 9 out of the 16 symptoms and it's good to finally know I'm not just a wimp with all this exhaustion, headaches, memory loss, etc.

This weekend we went to see the Provo Temple. It was so much fun! The boys felt pretty special because according to Logan "you know, kids don't usually get to go INSIDE the temple." Logan's favorite part was the crystal chandlers in the Celestial Room. Dustin's was the angel on the top. There were also two Endowment rooms with murals of the wilderness and animals on the walls. The second we walked into the rooms they gasped and started pointing out the animals they saw. It was so hard to keep them reverent in those rooms, they were so excited! As we walked out another family walked in with the same response, which just made me smile. I was so glad we got to go together as a family.

We had my Mom come up and visit this week! It was so great to see her and visit. We haven't been able to see her or my Dad since Christmas. We had so much fun seeing her, although we missed Papa Mike desperately! The boys insist that next time, he comes too (and we will see them both in April for a camping trip with my Mom's side of the family.

Wednesday my Mom spoiled me rotten! She watched the boys almost all day so I could take a little break. I got to use the computer uninterrupted (may sound silly, but this is HUGE with two boys always trying to type on my keyboard and steal my mouse). I did some late Birthday shopping for Dave online, and got fabulous deals (he bought a new computer earlier this month, but doesn't have speakers, a keyboard, or mouse to use with it). I also went shopping and out to lunch by myself. It was great!

That night Mom watched the boys again that night so Dave and I could go to the temple! We drove up to Bountiful because our temple was closed, but ended up at Salt Lake because Bountiful was also closed. I'm so glad we tried the second temple because it was just what I needed. We came home and chatted with Mom before heading off to bed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I don't know why but it's been a rough few weeks. Time has really flown by, but I'm totally exhausted. The air quality has been horrible and I haven't been sleeping well, so I blame that.

We've had fun too! We went shopping for Dave's birthday at REI two weekends ago and ended up buying a new tent! It was $100 off (they changed colors this season), and since we don't really fit in our 4 man any more, and with the baby on the way it was time for a 6 man! It's HUGE. We had to try it out, and it was so fun to sleep in. It has a room divider so we can have two rooms if we want. I'm so excited to really try it out in April.

 We also celebrated Fat Tuesday Polish style with paczkis. Dave found a Russian Bakery that made them! They were fabulous! They only made vanilla this year, but I'm hoping next year they'll make jelly ones too. Dustin LOVED his, and Logan refused to try it because it wasn't orange jelly filled. Oh well, there's always next year.

Monday was half off day at Savers, so we stopped by to get Logan some new exercise pants (he HAS to have exercise pants when we exercise and his are a size too small). We also found a bag of Duplos for $4! So we bought them and have been enjoying the kitchen pieces (stove, fridge, and cabnets) along with the police helecoptor and various people and animals. They also had blocks, but those aren't half as exciting to talk about.

We've tried most of the freezer meals I made and have had some AWESOME ones! Since I've been asked by several friends what ones were best, I thought I'd review them. And I found their recipes are all on the website, so I can share them without breaking copyright! These are my favorite (click on the links for recipes):

Shrimp & Orzo Bake - We tried this one for Valentine's Day and it tasted like we were eating at Olive Garden! The flavor was fabulous, and as my Dad loves, there was a shrimp in every bite. In the future I would make it with half the shrimp, but only because it's expensive and unneeded. We ate it with asparagus and garlic bread (made 5.5 instead of 4 servings).

Pesto Stuffed Chicken - This one was also fabulous! It was probably Dave's favorite of all the ones we tried. I couldn't taste the bacon in it, so I would just skip that next time. We ate it over pasta with a veggie (made 5 instead of 4 servings).

Honey Pecan Pork Chops - Soooo good! And I don't even like pork chops. BUT Frying them up the day of is a little more work than I'm going to want to do the week the baby is born. SO this is going to be a Sunday dinner so Dave can help. Still TOTALLY on the menu served with wild rice (or taters) and a veggie.

Mongolian Beef - Great served over rice with some stir-fry veggies (and this served 6 instead of 4)

Cheesy Ranch Ham & Potatoes - Great way to use up leftover ham! It's supposed to make 6 servings, so I added a bag of broccoli florets and it lasted us for 8 servings (I divided this into two separate baking dishes and froze it.

These ones were good, just not mind blowing like the ones above Poppy Seed Chicken (over noodles with a side of veggies), Cheeseburger Lettuce Wrap (I substituted 1 lb meat with 3 c rice already cooked and did 2 T mustard instead of 4 T).

I'm sure we did other fun things, but I can't remember what. So know the past month has been busy and exhausting, but good.