Monday, July 29, 2013

The 24th of July & Weekend

We had a fun week! Logan loved having Dave home on Wednesday to play with. We went on a bike ride in the morning, went to the park for some serious play time, and had a little BBQ for dinner. That night we set off some sparklers and pop pops. Logan LOVED the sparklers. He would make ovals with flame. He also would hold the pop pops over his head and drop them so they would pop.

Friday we had ice cream cones. Logan finally learned to lick a cone. He's been insisting on spooning his ice cream out of cones up until now. So instead of getting/making two cones I'm afraid we'll now need to make him his own. He kept stealing ours!

Sunday we made Broccoli Beef. While I was chopping up the other head of broccoli, I turned to find Logan chowing down on the second head. Apparently Logan loves Broccoli! He only likes the green tops, but he ate about 7 before stopping. He's been grate lately about trying new foods. He doesn't like a lot of the foods he tries, but at least he is willing to take a bite.

Logan's also learned to count to 10! His favorite thing to count is my star ice cubes. I don't love him playing with them, but if it gets him to count, I'm ok with that. Sometimes he gets caught in a loop (4 5 6, 4 5 6...) but if he's paying attention, he can count from 1 - 10.

He also has started to tease us. If I ask him if he's Mommy's boy he will smirk and tell me "No, Daddy's BIG boy!" If I ask him what's in my belly he will tell me different animals names or even types of cars. Eventually he'll tell me "It's a baby in there." but not before much giggles and different animals. I got a video of it, although Logan's pretty shy about taking videos.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A New Sand Box

This weekend was tons of fun! Thursday night Dave finalized his plans for Logan's Birthday sandbox, and Friday we purchased the wood and supplies to make it. Saturday Dave spent the majority of the day creating wood magic, and by Saturday night, this was going on in the back yard:

Sunday, Logan woke up demanding the sand box, but was appeased with church (he just LOVES Nursery). We were able to stretch out the need for the sand box until late in the afternoon when Dave's family dinner. Grandpa Bill, Dave and Uncle Blaine spent hours building sand castles for Logan, Lindsay, and McKay to destroy. 

Logan ended up with sand everywhere! It took three shampoos to get all the sand out of his hair. Usually he doesn't end up with a bucket full of sand dumped over his head, so it's not so much work to clean him up... but MAN! He had sand everywhere.

Monday we had a fun FHE. We taught Logan to play tidily winks. He loves flipping the little chips all over the room (with no regard to color or score). He just cheers for himself when he flips the chips. We got ice cream cones for our treat and taught Logan to eat them without a spoon (this has been a big deal for our neat and tidy boy). Logan insisted on playing in the sand box again, so we did that for a little while before bed time.

Over all it was a great weekend, and I know Logan has and will love his birthday gift. Hopefully he will enjoy it for a few years. His favorite activity this summer has been to go to the school across the street and dig in the rocks, so hopefully this will last.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Break in!

Logan and I went to the library today. It wasn't a long trip. just in, visit the chinchillas, get 5 new books for Logan and out again. On our way home we got a phone call from Angela (Dave's brother Blaine's wife who lives in the basement).

Someone had tried to break into our house while we were gone. She, Blaine and their daughter were all home. The guy broke down the basement door. They were downstairs, so they ran in the bedroom and Blaine loaded his shotgun. The police said the noise of it loading probably scared off the burglar, because he just left.

If Blaine and Angela weren't home to scare them off, Logan and I would have gotten home while the guy was in the house. I don't know what the guy would have done if I walked in on him. Just thinking about that is a little freaky.

So nothing was stolen, but we'll be spending the evening fixing a broken door. Our insurance deductible is $1,000 and it's only going to cost $200 to fix the door. So we're out the cash, but fortunately nothing else! I'm glad it wasn't bad. Nobody got hurt, and nothing was taken.

I looked up the statistics and it turns out 22% of americans in suburban America will be broken into more than once in their lives. 36% will only be broken into once, and 12% three or more times. So we should be good for a while statistically (eyes rolling). Makes me feel a LITTLE better, but Dave still wants to get a gun. We'll see in a month or so if he still feels the same way.

On a happier note, here's a picture of the top of my latest quilt (as requested by my Aunt). I'll bind it with navy blue trim and the back will end up green. It's not really my style, but it's going to turn out well. I like individual squares, but I don't just love them all together. The little navy squares were supposed to be red, but I switched them our for navy. I like it a lot better this way. I also moved around a few of the other squares too.

Monday, July 15, 2013

This and That

Last week was a long week! Logan was teething, although we didn't realize it until yesterday. He's at least getting two teeth on the bottom, but he won't let me see the top gums. So we've had some sleepless nights.

I spent all my free time working like crazy on my last year's quilting class quilt. I made a few changes to the original design, and finished the top this afternoon! I'm excited to buy some batting so I can finish it up. I think I'll machine quilt it, and call it good. It's not my favorite quilt ever, but it will be nice to have it done.

Logan started sharing his feelings this week. He'll tell me "Logan is (happy, sad, scared, tired, silly, wild, etc.)" and then if it's a  negative emotion he'll tell me how he wants to fix it "Logan is sad, need hug and kiss." or "Logan is tired, need nap." It's so cute! He'll even tell us if he thinks we are having negative emotions and try to fix them for us. It's great to see him learning.

Saturday we headed town to my parents house to help out with some of the yard work. We weeded the garden, and I snook out to get to the quilting class. After we got to visit with my Dad and Mom for a little while, and then we headed home. Dad's doing better, and hopefully his infection didn't effect anything, and he can overcome it soon.

That night we went to our Ward Elder's Quorum's barbeque. It was fun to talk to everyone, and Logan just had a blast playing with the other kids. At first all the commotion was overwhelming, but he got used to it and took off with some of the other little people (playing with water guns, cars, etc). It rained a few times on us, but it didn't last too long.

Sunday afternoon we started planning out a sand box for Logan's birthday. Logan's favorite thing to do at the park is to dig in the rocks, so we decided a sand box would be the perfect gift. So Dave's going to build one for him.

Logan woke up this morning and asked if we could "Go to church?" He just loves nursery and playing with the other kids. Every time we left the house today he would ask to go to church again. It nice to see him being so excited, but hard to explain that nobody would be there even if we went to church.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July weekend

It's been a long weekend, but a good one. Dave had the 4th and 5th of July off of work, and since we didn't go to the cabin, we decided to paint the office and make it Logan's room. The goal was to get this done before November (because the baby will go in Logan's room with all the nursery decorations). 

Now more was involved than just painting the walls: we also had to paint the off white ceiling, replaced the trim and closet doors too. Throughout the house we have sliding closet doors, which mean you have to access only half of the closet. And the trim was so ghetto (dinged up). It was about an inch tall and I'm pretty sure it's original trim. So we painted the ceiling, followed by the walls and closet shelf. Then we installed the trim and doors. 

It looks great! We moved Logan's furniture into his room, and he's had so much fun with the new set up. Before he had his books on his book shelf, but I've moved the books into the closet (I'm tired of cleaning them up constantly), and moved a few of his toys onto the book shelf. He just loves getting them out whenever he wants and playing with them. Eventually we have a top bunk to add to this one, but until I trust Logan to climb that high, I don't really want to set it up.

He's had a hard time adjusting to his new room. The first night at bed time, he walked into the office, sat down on the ground and started crying "Logan's bed gone!" But over the past few naps and nights he has done well. 

Logan found some Christmas ornaments when we were moving the office stuff that has Dave's Maternal Grandparents pictures on them (they passed away years ago), and he has claimed these as his own. He keeps them on the head of his bed with his picture of Jesus and when he goes to bed he tells us "Great Grandma & Great Papa watching over Logan". Sometimes at nap time he will play with them before going to sleep and I'll find them wrapped up in the sheets.

We got to watch a ton of fire works over the past few nights. Since the ariel fire works are now legal in Utah, we climbed up on the roof a few times to get a view of all the shows going on in the neighborhood. It's nice to enjoy them while Logan is sleeping soundly in his bed.

Sunday we got to stop by to visit my Dad. He's been having a rough time (he has a yeast/fungal infection in his blood from the hospital), but now that he's on antibiotics to target that, we're hoping he can get better soon. Logan brought some games and books for Dad to play with him, and they had fun together. We got to chat and left them with a few movies to relax to.

Supposed to be filling the colander, not emptying it!
We've been really enjoying our garden over the past week. Logan discovered our raspberries and cherry tomatoes are ripe and ready for the picking. I have a hard time keeping him out of the fruit if we go into the back yard. We also have been enjoying our zucchinis (grilled zucchini, stuffed zucchini, zucchini lasagna, zucchini bread...). It's been so delicious! The insane has been hard on the garden, but we're hoping it can survive and keep producing. 

Finishing off the raspberries
Other than that, I've just been re-organizing the office in it's new space. I still can't find where I put the cord to my sewing machine! I'm dyeing to get some work done on the quilt I'm trying to finish, but I'm stumped. Hopefully I can find the cord soon.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We're having another boy!

I think last week was one of the longest weeks ever! I felt like I was under quarantine for the week with Logan and potty training. But he's doing great now! Friday and Saturday Logan had no accidents. Even when Grandma Linda and Grandpa Bill came over to baby sit for a few hours. I was very worried that he wouldn't do well for anyone other than us.

Sunday we had two accidents at church. It was the first time Logan left the house, and Nursery is so much fun, it's hard to pay attention to needing to go potty. But Monday we took Logan to the DR with us, and he told us he needed to go twice and made it! So no accidents on Monday or Tuesday (even going to Walmart, Costco, and the Library). I'm hoping we'll do well away from home from now on. I guess we'll see when we celebrate the 4th of July!

Sunday Dave and I also got to go visit my Dad at the hospital (he had emergency heart surgery last week, and this is the first time they felt comfortable with visitors). Dad looked really rough, but what do you expect after major surgery? He has an infection, so they're keeping him in the ICU a little longer than expected. But better to be safe and send him home a little later.

Monday at the Doctor we found out we're having a second boy!!! We're so excited. Dave especially is excited to have two little guys. He already has their halloween costumes planned out for next year (Batman & Robin)! And they will have so much fun together. I already want to start working on a big quilt for when the boys are in bunk beds together... Not that I have two years until then or anything :)

It's also nice to not have to worry about buying anything. We already have all the clothes and things we need for this little guy. So more time to focus picking a name! Boy names are hard for us, but we've started the conversation.

Today Max (the boy I watch 3 days a week) came back from vacation. It's been a rough morning, but the two boys are getting used to each other again. Max was gone for 3 weeks, so it was long enough for both of them to change a little.

I took the boys outside to play in the kiddy pool, but Max didn't love the idea of cold water. So Max swung on the swing with me, and Logan kept trying to boss Max around and make him get in the pool. Logan just needs another water buddy!