Monday, July 15, 2013

This and That

Last week was a long week! Logan was teething, although we didn't realize it until yesterday. He's at least getting two teeth on the bottom, but he won't let me see the top gums. So we've had some sleepless nights.

I spent all my free time working like crazy on my last year's quilting class quilt. I made a few changes to the original design, and finished the top this afternoon! I'm excited to buy some batting so I can finish it up. I think I'll machine quilt it, and call it good. It's not my favorite quilt ever, but it will be nice to have it done.

Logan started sharing his feelings this week. He'll tell me "Logan is (happy, sad, scared, tired, silly, wild, etc.)" and then if it's a  negative emotion he'll tell me how he wants to fix it "Logan is sad, need hug and kiss." or "Logan is tired, need nap." It's so cute! He'll even tell us if he thinks we are having negative emotions and try to fix them for us. It's great to see him learning.

Saturday we headed town to my parents house to help out with some of the yard work. We weeded the garden, and I snook out to get to the quilting class. After we got to visit with my Dad and Mom for a little while, and then we headed home. Dad's doing better, and hopefully his infection didn't effect anything, and he can overcome it soon.

That night we went to our Ward Elder's Quorum's barbeque. It was fun to talk to everyone, and Logan just had a blast playing with the other kids. At first all the commotion was overwhelming, but he got used to it and took off with some of the other little people (playing with water guns, cars, etc). It rained a few times on us, but it didn't last too long.

Sunday afternoon we started planning out a sand box for Logan's birthday. Logan's favorite thing to do at the park is to dig in the rocks, so we decided a sand box would be the perfect gift. So Dave's going to build one for him.

Logan woke up this morning and asked if we could "Go to church?" He just loves nursery and playing with the other kids. Every time we left the house today he would ask to go to church again. It nice to see him being so excited, but hard to explain that nobody would be there even if we went to church.


  1. You've been busy! I want to see this quilt! We need to do some trim work in our bedrooms, it does not sound fun at all. Logan is a cutie, I love the things little kids say.

    1. I'll take a picture of the quilt and post it on the next post. It's more trendy colors than my taste (turquoise background with kinda 30s bright colors), but I learned a lot of new squares and techniques. So I'm glad I took the class.

      Logan says the silliest things all the time! I wish I could remember to write them all down for later.