Sunday, August 25, 2013

Biting Ducks

The last two weeks have been long! Logan has been missing having a friend around 3 days a week. He's been following me around like crazy and wants to play with me all the time. I'm thinking about starting a play group in a few weeks to give him some more kid interaction.

Logan's been having some potty training challenges since spending the night at my parents, so we've been working like crazy on re-committing. We've had to revert him to naked time again, but last week we had 4 accident free days in a row. I'm hoping the end is in sight. We celebrated by going to Sonic and getting Slushies after FHE! Logan loves slushies, so it was really exciting for him.

Last Saturday we had a fun family day! We spent the morning at Wheeler farm checking out all the farm animals and playing at the playground. Logan especially loved the sheep and feeding the ducks. We brought 2 loaves of bread and went through it all. 

Logan would feed about 4 pieces to the ducks, then take one for himself. At one point he was off feeding the ducks and one of the geese got up in his face and grabbed his bread right out of his hands! He came crying back yelling "Duck bit me! NO NO DUCK!" It was so sad and cute, we couldn't help but laugh while comforting him.

This Saturday we went over to Murray Park and fed the ducks again. After we stopped by the farmer's market and got some watermelon, peaches, and corn. They have been really tasty, although it's twice as expensive as I can get them at the store. Sometimes I don't mind paying for local quality though.

We've been experiencing more of the terrible twos recently. This week Logan told me he threw a fit, telling me he was mad at me and was just going to run away. I guess we've been reading him too many Little Critter books (he loves "I was so mad"). Hopefully he'll learn soon I'm less likely to give him what he wants when he throws a fit.

I asked Dave what we wanted to dress Logan up as for Halloween, and he picked a pirate. So I'll be designing a costume and hopefully putting it together soon. Well, some time in the next two months anyway. I started looking for inspiration online with Logan and his only input was "want big belt like him." So our pirate will have a big belt. Other than that it's still up in the air.

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