Monday, May 5, 2014

Ice Cream said the Lady with the Alligator Purse

I've been sick for a week and a half! We're talking dyeing of Shingles sick. I'm feeling a little better this week, but it's still pretty painful. Dave's been a champ! He comes home and helps with dinner (and doesn't complain when it's hot dogs & Mac & cheese again), and helps around the house. Which is good since I've had a goal to get one thing done around the house per day (laundry today). Dave makes me something frozen every day to help me feel better too (ice cream = heaven).

So before that... We had an FHE on Tithing for Logan. We've never given him money, but he got some pennies recently and we thought before he spent them, he should learn about tithing. I was worried, but it went great! He immediately told us he wanted to give more money to God, and maybe some for Grandma. We went to DI after and he had the time of his life spending $2.48. We got some spooky pumpkins, a Tigger and a bee toy. The pumpkins plug in and glow in the dark, which will be great for Halloween.

Logan learned to wink and walk backwards recently. He's SO proud of both and laugh after he does either. If you wink at him, he will wink back and just laugh! He's also learned to eat sandwiches. He always wants to eat the pieces separate, but once he discovered how good they are together, he had 4 in the same day. So we took him to Subway Friday and got a 6 inch sub for him. He ate about 4 inches.

I looked at my list of crafts to get done (mostly gifts for others), and I mercilessly crossed off items, but did finish and mail out two. The first, a dish towel was for my Uncle Ken and Aunt Irene. They had a house warming forever ago and I had finished it then, but didn't get to go because we were sick. I decided we will probably be sick forever... so I should probably mail it!

Which spawned into my second gift; bibs for my Aunt Melissa's soon to be baby. I had grand plans to make more gifts for her, but I wasn't up for more. The one on the left is Dr Who and the one on the right is Star Wars again. I haven't cross stitched in years, but it was fun to get these done. Took a lot longer than I thought it would, but they turned out well.

Saturday I left the boys with Dave so I could get groceries. I got stuff to make Greek Kabobs for Sunday dinner. I marinated the chicken, and Dave and Logan put everything on the skewers. Logan loved helping, and did a surprisingly good job! Oh heavens, they were good! The weather was so nice I swung on the hammock with the boys while Dave BBQ'd them.

That night we made Smores around the fire pit! It was so fun. Logan ate 4 mallows! It was good to be out in the warm weather and relax together.


  1. Shingles!?? You are too young for that! I'm sorry. The dishtowel and bibs are adorable!

    1. Yeah... no fun! It runs in the family though (Grandma had it several times & Heather got it). I have been such a wimp. L gets to watch 1movie a day so I get a little break.

  2. I LOVE THE BIBS! I didn't know you could cross stitch and I am very impressed! They are so awesome, be still my nerdy heart.

    That is whacked that you got shingles. I've heard that those are awful.

    1. So glad you liked them! I just HAD to make them for you. Especially after drawing out the Dr Who one. Its the only craft I got done in weeks. I'm usually a seemstress, but thesenl cross stiches just called to me!