Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend!

I've been feeling a lot better this week! Hoooray! I've decided there are two pains with Shingles, a topical pain, and a deep nerve pain (think hitting your funny bone in several places). The topical pain is almost gone, and the deep nerve pain is gone most of the time. So I've been pulling my life back together! The house is clean again. I've been cooking again! And tomorrow I have plans to start sewing again (2 weeks without sewing is WAY too long). Although being sick gave me tons of time to fill my reading fix for the next month!

This weekend was great! Friday we were supposed to do several things (YW auction, Mushroom hunting with my bro...) but we ended up staying home and making some Chicago style pizza. Something about it raining all day made me want to put on pj's and relax. The pizza turned out FABULOUS! And Logan and Dave had fun helping make it.

Saturday we worked on the yard a little (between rain showers). We worked on the garden and Dave started putting a fence together. It's looking good. Hopefully he can finish it this weekend. And because all good yard projects require a slushy, we got one when we were done. Dave and Logan then went shopping for Mother's Day (food as well as gifts).

Sunday was the best Mother's Day yet! The boys woke up pretty early, so Dave took Logan to help make me breakfast. They made waffles (GF for me and regular for them), eggs, and sausage. Logan tried to get us to eat pie with breakfast, and all weekend long was trying to get me to open my gifts.

The boys were great at church. Dustin took a nap during Sunday School, so we actually got to hear most of it, and ate through Relief Society. Logan made me a card, some beans planted in a cup (why? not sure) which were promptly dropped on the kitchen floor.

On the car ride home Dustin was jabbering away and started saying "mama"! The first time I asked Dave if he heard it, and he denied it. The second time he admitted it. Dustin hasn't said "dada" yet, so I think Dave was in denial. I told Dave he did it for Mother's day. :)

After church we took a rest (Logan is so over naps, so we insist he rests), and ate some chocolate turtle pie. For dinner Dave and Logan made BBQ hamburgers, sweet potato fries, and corn on the cob! I love fresh corn, and this is the first time this year we've gotten it! Then we opened presents and Logan promptly told me I could share my gifts with him.

Before bed we all cleaned up the house so it wouldn't be too much of a mess for me on Monday. Today I got the laundry done and made a Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole. It was good, but I think I would add Broccoli to it next time. And maybe more sauce. But I was glad to feel up to cooking again!

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