Sunday, June 20, 2010

My 1st Week at Neutron Interactive

My first week working for Neutron Interactive is over! The company is just great, they treat their employees like gold. There are even more benefits than I was aware of when I accepted the job. Not only do they pay your entire families medical bills, they also do dental and basic eye coverage as well. The HR lady said only about 4% of companies now days have this kind of coverage free to their employees. After a year they also will put 5% of your salary away into a 401k  each year. You don't have to match or anything, it's just done for you.

I've never wanted to work after I had kids, but this kind of company makes me wonder if we can work something out so I can work from home full time, or even just go into the office a few days a week for meetings! I know I could pull it off, but it's a conversation that we'll have to have when that challenge arises.

As far as the work, it's good. I love that we're selling post-secondary education! It's something I believe in and advocate, so it's a far easier sell than internet dating was for me. Our Affiliate program is so small right now (only around 7 active affiliates), but that means there is tons of room for growth. I've got some good leads, have had some great conversations, and hope to get traffic flowing soon.

I've also been riding the train to work (since the company will pay for our Trax pass). It only takes a little longer than driving, and I drive a mile east to hit the station. I love that this morning my odometer showed that I had driven 15 miles this week rather than 400 miles (what I was previously driving). Not only will this help the environment, but also our finances! No more filling up twice a week for us!!!

Also this week we got a surprise from Blaine and Angela (Dave's brother & sister-in-law living in our basement). They are pregnant! We promised them when they have a kid we would build out a second bedroom for them, so we've started brainstorming what we want to see. Because the living room space is so huge, we are thinking this bedroom will be the biggest in the house. We want to make it nice so one day it can be our bedroom if we want. Also, we'll probably add a storage closet to the basement as well. We'll keep you posted on our plans and the construction! It feels like we always have a construction project in the summer...


  1. Wow! I'm so glad for you that you're so happy at work! It sounds like a great company! And, building another bedroom? I think I'd be regretting that promise :)

  2. Although we wish it wasn't right now, I don't mind adding another bedroom. It will up the value of our house, and the downstairs living room really is way too long! It will be a ton of work, but the room is already finished, so bare minimum it means adding a wall, a closet, and a door. We plan to tear out the wallpaper and paint the bedroom as well as the living room.

    Dave loves these kinds of projects and was getting a little carried away last night in planning. "We should tear out the wood paneling (probably a good plan), paint the fireplace, build a mantle for the fire place, add crown molding, make some built in bookshelves, and expand the downstairs bathroom!" Let's be honest, I'll have to calm him down a bit before we actually start this project, but we'll enjoy the work. We're pretty good at construction, and will enjoy the room when we are no longer renting out the basement.

  3. Lots of exciting stuff! I wish Mark's job offered as good as benefits. They'll only pay for half of his health insurance premium and that's it. Nothing for the rest of the family, and I have no idea about retirement!

    I'm glad my home improvement projects aren't as huge and involved as yours. Sheesh, girl!

  4. I love this kind of project! This way I really get to customize our house to our taste.

    And as a side note, refinishing a kitchen floor like you guys did is a significant project in and of itself ;)