Sunday, June 12, 2011

The baby room is officially done!

We've been projecting around the nursery! I didn't love how the furniture was placed previously, so I was hesitant on hanging up our pictures or do anything that would leave a mark. A few weeks ago my sister Heather sent out picture of her nursery, and it motivated me to rearrange yet again. Now I just love the layout, so I've started hanging up pictures, calendars, etc. 

Dave made the cutest hanging shelf for the baby room! I hung it above the crib and placed the pooh pictures he painted on it with the 4 classic pooh stuffed animals on it as well. It looks just fabulous! It was intended to go over the window, but looked too cute over the crib on the longest wall of the room.

We were also given an antique bedside table that Dave refinished for me! When we got it, it was painted this horrible 70's green color, and it had all kinds of dings and dents on the side that showed it used to be painted white. But when I saw it, I envisioned this sitting beside the rocking chair in the baby room with a low wattage lamp on it. So Dave stripped it, sanded it, and white washed it. It turned out just perfect!

I wasn't a big fan of Dave's plan to white wash it originally, but it ended up looking good with the wood grain just barely peaking out of the wood.He's got a great knack for wood working so I really should learn to trust his judgment on these things.

Also, I've had all the supplies out to finish sewing a new cushion for the rocking chair for several months, and yesterday I sat down and actually finished making it. I've been waiting to do it because the material I chose for it was too thin, so I was avoiding sewing it onto another piece of material. But it ended up turning out great.

Also, my Mom finished making all the bedding for the nursery and gave it to us a few weeks ago! Doesn't the quilt look just perfect with the light greens the nursery is decorated? The crib is on the wall to the left of the rocking chair  and the little end table now, and it works so much better there than before.

That's pretty much the last thing I wanted to get done for the baby room. So we're now officially ready to have a baby move into our house! Too bad we have two more months before he should be joining us.


  1. I loooove the quilt your mom made! The one she made for Luke is in similar colors and it is so perfect. The nursery looks great!

  2. Thanks! I just love how it all turned out. I usually keep the door to the nursery closed (saves on heating/cooling), but since we fixed it up I've left it open, and it makes me smile every time I walk by. I can't wait until the baby gets here so we can start using it!

    I picked out the colors and pattern of the baby blanket, but my mom did the hard labor. She's so great at that! She offers each of us kids to make a bed skirt, bumper pads, quilt, and curtains for our first baby. For subsequent babies, we'll get a new quilt too. So we're all pretty much sticking to neutral colors for the basics and more manly/feminine colors for the actual quilts.

  3. So adorable! Can't wait to see you guys!

  4. Wholly cow! You are amazing! It looks super adorable! You are so creative. Thanks for giving me the motivation to do my girls' rooms when we move. You rock! Congrats on your new little babe.