Monday, July 18, 2011

Wedding and Work!

It felt like the beginning of this pregnancy went so slow, but now that I'm down to my last 3 weeks time is just flying by! I've got way too many unfinished projects! I have too much cleaning to do! I just can't get caught up! And it doesn't help that by the time I make it home at night, I'm so exhausted I don't feel like doing anything more than eating and watching a movie (or just going to sleep for the night).

But the end is in sight! I've told work I need to start Maternity leave on August 1st, so two more weeks of work. If the baby cooperates, maybe he'll decide not to make his appearance until I get caught up on a few things. I'm not asking for much, just a week to clean and catch up. And if it's healthy for him, I'd give him a little longer!

Part of the problem stems from how busy we've been lately. We haven't had a weekend to stop and work for a while now. Something always seems to be going on! Last weekend we were in St George for Dave's brother Jon's wedding. It was great to be down there with all the family, but now I'm trying to play catchup on everything! I didn't get our grocery shopping done, so we'll have to do that tonight (if we want to eat for the next two weeks).

The wedding went well. It was in the St George Temple, so we stayed at the cabin with a few of Dave's siblings (Blane & Angela, Lucinda & Aaron, and Tim). Friday the gang went to hike Kanarriville falls, and I hung out at Grandma & Grandpa Yoders. They had tons of fun, even made it to the rock water slide and took full advantage of that! Saturday was all things wedding (family breakfast, sealing at noon, and reception at 7). We were able to squeeze in some swimming between the sealing and reception! It was great since it was so hot outside. 

So this week it will be back to the grind. I'll be trying to get the house cleaned, finish up stuff for Heather's baby shower (next Saturday), trying to find a place that can deliver a load of dirt for the front flower bed, and trying to convince myself I want to clean out the root cellar. Maybe I can convince Dave he wants to head up the last one at least! It's the only one that's actually labor intensive, and I could use a break from that.


  1. Ahh, the nesting instinct! It's amazing how much pregnant women can clean and organize right before they have the baby.

    Although you might want to get used to the feeling of being behind on everything--that is going to be the story of your life when you have a newborn! Good luck and I hope you get everything done in time. :)

  2. amy amy amy :) this is such an exciting time!!!! you and dave will never be without kids again! (families are eternal ya know;) take advantage of the time that you have with just the 2 of you... how exciting these next few months will be for you!

  3. I've been behind on my cleaning for almost 9 months now... I'm a organizational/clean freak! So it's been bugging me for months now, but with the end in sight, I feel more of a need for the house not to be trashed. And now Dave and I are both coming down with a cold... this is not the time!