Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Surviving Week 3

This past week has been long! I'm starting to get the hang of being a mom, and although Dave and I are still exhausted, we are getting used to that too. We now both fall asleep when we watch movies. So I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

It's been a very not healthful week for me! Last Friday I'm pretty sure I broke my toe. I kicked the wall accidentally when rushing to try to get Logan to an appointment (we were running late), and it's now black and hurts to move. So I've got it taped to the toe beside it and hopefully it will heal well. I haven't seen a doctor, because there's not really anything they can do for toes, and then I'd have yet another appointment I'd have to get Logan to on time. See the endless cycle there?

Monday I thought I was going to die of Migraine! I used to have killer migraine headaches every once in a while when I was super stressed, but haven't had one since I got pregnant. I could feel it coming, but haven't taken medication for 9 months now, so I didn't even think to take anything until well after Dave got home. Logan and I just laid on the ground for most of the day and I would feed him when he started crying and I would sleep until then. I found it easier to be on the ground because when he spit his pacifier out of his mouth, I was right beside him to plop it back in. It was a pretty pitiful day, but we survived!

Yesterday was a ton better. I got to finish up the quilting squares I've been working on for the class I'm taking with Mom! They turned out really well and I like 3 out of the 5 a lot. I didn't pick the colors, so there is one that is just ok, and one that I really hate. Something about putting purple in with fall themed colors drives me a little crazy (purple and orange?!?). But oh well, when the whole quilt is put together I'm sure I'll like the end results.

As for this Labor Day weekend? We've got big plans to make some more salsa (we have two grocery store bags full of tomatoes and another bag full of peppers and bell peppers). We're hoping to do this on our own, so hopefully it goes well. This will be the first time we attempt without the help of our parents. Besides that we'll probably make it to a park some time, and I know Dave wants to do some painting some time this weekend (the gazebo is in desperate need of a coat).

That's pretty much been our past week! It's all about Logan again, but hey, that's going to be life for a little while. I did the math and I spend at least 8 hours a day (sometimes up to 12 hours) just feeding him! That doesn't count time I spend changing him, playing with him and putting him on his belly for tummy time. That's a full time job of just feedings. Add that to the 5 hours of sleep I get a night, and I don't know how anyone has more than one kid. It actually makes me wonder how in the world my Grandma had time to take care of 10 kids when one was an infant!


  1. OW. Sorry about your toe! Newborns are so much work. Then again, so are toddlers and 6-year olds. I don't think I'll ever get a full night's rest again till my kids move out of the house!

    PS. You need to post your salsa recipe. :)

  2. welcome to parenthood :) I wonder how people do it with a lot of kids... i know 4 is kicking my trash! sorry to hear about your migrane... we had a similar day yesterday :/ enjoy your time with your sweet little boy!!! oh and post your salsa recipe too! :)