Thursday, February 16, 2012

Worst Week of Logan's Life!

It's been a rough week at the Plastow house! It started with Logan teething, which lead to diarrhea, which lead to diaper rash. Add in an ear infection, top that with 6 month shots, and sprinkle in a cold for Amy and Dave. Oh and did I mention the lack of sleep?

Logan was in so much pain from at least one of the above symptoms that he stopped napping during the day, and wouldn't go to sleep until at least 11 at night (some nights were 1:30). He would wake up several times in the night crying until I let him fall asleep whimpering on my chest and quietly moved him back to his bed. We went to the doctor  and they said he would be fine (good to hear, but still... give me some magic cure all).

But I think the worst is over! Because of a strict diet of bananas 3 times a day the diarrhea is gone, and along with it the diaper rash. The ear infection cleared itself up (took about a week), and he was back on his scheduled napping and sleeping through the night last night. We're still dealing with teething, but we can handle one problem.

So the baby is on his way back to being his happy self, and the parents are back on their way to being awake during daytime hours! Which is good considering how busy we are...


  1. You can give him a little will at least help with the pain...some will tell you orajel for the teething pain but my babies tend to lick it off of their gums and swallow it, which then makes their throat go numb and then they don't nurse because they can't swallow because they can't feel that they need can also give him a chilled carrot to gnaw on, just keep an eye on him. Glad to hear he's feeling better though!

  2. Ugh! That's the worst! Ditto about the sense having him suffer more than he needs to. My kids went through a LOT of it. Hope you all are feeling better!

  3. Thanks ladies, the only problem is Logan's only 16 lbs and 6 months old and the baby Tylenol says not to use if under 24 lbs, unless recommended by a Doctor. So maybe in a few more lbs we'll be in business.

    The orajel doesn't do much for Logan, he cries when we put it on, and he doesn't seem to get less fussy after.