Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Busy Week!

I swear, life with two little people is always busy. Or that's what it feels like since we had Dustin. Maybe it's because we had him in the middle of the holidays. The past week was good but full. We had something going on every day last week.

Wednesday I got to visit with my friend DeLenna (she was in town from Indiana). We met at my parents house (b/c. it was halfway between her parents and my house). Logan and De's daughter Taylor played and had fun, and De and I got to catch up. It was like old times. De's husband Brandon is graduating in a year and a half with his PHD, and we're hoping they will move to Utah then. He's currently pursuing an opportunity in St. George, so hopefully!

Friday I had my 6 week checkup doctor's appointment and everything is looking good! So I'm back on the exercise bike and hoping to loose the rest of my baby weight (7 lbs to go). With Logan, I couldn't loose the last 5 lbs until he started eating solids, so my goal is to loose it in the next 6 months. We'll see how it goes.

Saturday morning I had my monthly quilting class. This year the teacher has given us crazy amounts of squares to complete! Last month it took me pretty much all month to finish, and this month we have 40 squares. Sigh... with a new baby that sounds like a lot. I'm still napping at the boys nap time (curse night time feeding), so I told Dave I needed some working nights this month.

Yesterday we went to Dave's mom's church to pin a queen size quilt! She's only tied quilts before, so I taught her how to use safety pins and explained how to machine quilt it. Dave's sister Lucinda joined us, and we got everything pinned in 3 hours. Logan was great playing on his own, and Dustin was pretty good (thanks to the baby back pack I brought). It was nice to get to catch up. We did a lot of talking over the three hours!

Today I'm calling a catch up day. We're just going to hang out around the house and clean up, cook, and relax. Maybe we'll make it over to the school to play on the slides, but that's as ambitious as I'm getting! Logan keeps asking for a movie, so maybe we'll do that too.


  1. 40 squares in a month?! Wow, that is a lot. Usually with a new baby, I'm just happy if I manage to get dressed each day. Good luck with all that!

    1. Yeah, I about strangled her! "Oh 28 of them are really easy." so I have to do two different patterns (one is really easy, but still will take about 8 hours of work) the second pattern requires an appliqued center, which I think I will be machine appliqued.