Thursday, December 17, 2015

Logan's Preschool Christmas Program

Logan did a great job at his Christmas program for his Preschool. He was so excited to sing song and to meet Santa! He told Santa he wanted a Green Robot for Christmas. He also insisted we write a letter to Santa too (because that's what the Bernsteine Bears do when they meet Santa). I told Logan previously we could mail Santa's letter, but he was insistant we give it to Santa. And man, it was a nightmare trying to not loose that letter in the two weeks between writing it and meeting Santa.

Dustin had a grand time too. He didn't tell Santa what he wanted, but he did wave and yell loudly "HI SANTA!" every time he was looking in our direction.

After the songs all the kids traded White Elephant gifts. They were supposed to be $5 gifts, but we came home with a $20 Olaf toy. Logan and Dustin have been really good about sharing it.

Logan giving his letter to Santa

Getting ready to sing!

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