Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Basement Bathroom is DONE! And other projects

We bought a quarter of a cow a few weeks ago. You  might ask what does this picture of kids and fish have to to with buying a portion of a cow? Well, we met my friend RiKelle at Scheels to pick up our frozen cuts of meat. Since we were there anyway, we went inside, visited the fish, played in the play place and generally had a fun time catching up! They moved to Logan about a year ago and we sure have missed our friends! It was nice to catch up and we have been loving having a freezer full of beef.

Some time in the past few weeks Dustin also climbed up on the bathroom sink, ate 5 Pseudoephedrines (30 ml) and about gave me a heart attack. He was fine (poison control told me not to even worry about taking him to get pumped), but it was scary. That punk can climb anywhere! For now the only safe place is on top of the fridge... He can get everywhere else in the house.

We really enjoyed the 50-60 degree weather while it lasted. We went to the school playground, the park and played in the sandbox. It's good we got it in, because this week it's been snowing again. I'm so ready for spring. I'm so done shoveling.

We had a lot of fun this weekend! We were ALMOST done with the basement bathroom, so we made time to have a bonfire in the back yard and roast marshmallows. It was freezing out, so we came inside and made s'mores in the toaster oven too (our chocolate and mallows froze outside. We still ate them (of course), but we wanted good ones too.

Saturday morning we asked the boys what they wanted to do that was fun. They decided a trip to the Dollar Store to spend their allowance and a dollar they got for Valentines Day. Dustin almost always picks out one of these squishy guys with a strobe light inside and it always pops before we get home. But this one lasted 24 hours! That's a pretty big deal. Logan picked some dinosaur toys which are still hanging around.

For FHE on Monday we had a lesson on testimonies, then we all practiced sharing our testimonies. We're hoping to be able to share our testimonies by our selves at church on Sunday. After we had Dirt Dessert for our treat! The boys never had it before and were quite impressed that it looked like dirt but tasted delicious!

The boys have been fascinated with the completion of the bathroom downstairs! They helped me hook up the toilet and were fascinated with the inner mechanisms. They also both had to test out the toilet several times to make sure it worked. They will announce to everyone that asks about the toilet that it "works for both poop and pee. I have tested it." In case you were worried.

The mirror is a built in medicine cabinet too!
Yesterday I touched up the paint again and Dave screwed the medicine cabinet in place! Saturday we finished calking, installed towel and hand racks, attached the shower curtain rod and cut out the hole for the medicine cabinet. And I whipped out a cute soap dispenser. So now we just need to install trim around the door and we're done!!! WOO HOO!!! Well, and Dave left a hole in the wall above the towel rack that he's going to make a built in shelf for decorations. He is still deciding how to finish that.  And I guess the calk is curing until tonight at 9, but all we have to do is wait for that time to pass so we can use the tub. I'm so glad! I'll probably clean out the tub one more time too (it keeps getting dirty), and we have to clean up all the tools and put the exercise/spare room back together, but that's just minor compared to what we have done.

It feels like everything that could have gone done with this project did (redo electric, plumbing, replace toilet flange... the list goes on and on). But the end results look fabulous! We love the more open space. It used to be the shape of a triangle so opening the door almost grazed the toilet and completely blocked the tiny sink. So I guess I should decorate... maybe in a few months... I'm exhausted now!

Sink before (see the triangle shape?)
Tub before
Other than that the at home phone survey lady called me again so I've been making political calls a few hours a week again. They're not half as bad as the ones I did right before the November elections (those were so intense). But every once in a while someone will go off for or against Trump (which these surveys aren't even about). It's an easy way to make some cash on the side, so I tolerate the crazies. The best was a deep manly voice asked after my intro "are you going to ask if I'm a Lesbian?" me: no. "well ok, as long as you don't ask that or if I'm a black woman I'll answer your questions"... I had to contain my laughter until the end of the 40 questions! What the heck kind of surveys has he taken in the past?!?



    1. Thanks Noel! We just love it! Every time I go in there, it makes me smile. Can't say a bathroom has ever done that to me before ;)