Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easter Fun!

I try to take fancy pictures every Spring and Fall. In the Spring I focus on the kids, in the Fall we try to get a great family shot. Well, this year the kids gave me such a rough time and I'm still not satisfied with what I got. I might try yet again, but after taking over 100 pictures already I might just call it a year.


The funny thing is Brooklyn was smiling in almost every picture! She looked great (my little model). Logan was throwing a fit because he didn't want to wear shoes. I let him take them off but then his toes were cold so he wanted to wrap them in a blanket. It went on and on with him.

Dustin's problem came when he smashed his finger. There were tears and then he didn't want to take any more pictures. And nobody wanted to take pictures with the flowers in the front yard! Cars would drive by and look at us! Clearly that's not a good idea.

But even if the pictures didn't turn out perfect, I've gotta admit they sure look fancy in their Easter clothes! Grandma Sheila made Brooklyn's dress. I made the boy's ties, and the both already had everything else in their closet.

I was complaining that nobody was smiling in the pictures so Logan made sure Brooklyn was smiling in the next one. Little stinker!

Well, we tried! I sure do love these little people. Even if they give me a rough time!

The past week has been busy for us. Logan has a summer birthday, but REALLY wanted to celebrate his birthday with his class. So we just picked a random day this week to bring in treats and have a party. His teacher was very understanding and he was happy to finally get a party too. Although he did also ask if we could do a splash pad day with friends on his actual birthday.

Logan wanted to bring in Twinkies and Hostess cupcakes for his birthday because "I've never had one and they LOOK so good!" Who could say no to that? Especially since the school insists on store bought treats rather than home made. I don't know if my kids are spoiled or deprived since they've never tried most of the store bought stuff.

The boys have been playing dress up a lot lately and they realized Brooklyn might want to play too. So whenever they dress up they now insist she has to wear the Unicorn costume (the only costume we have that fits her currently). So she'll be in this get up regularly at our house.

We've been getting ready for Easter around here! The boys decorated picture frames Sunday to give to Grandparents, and had a blast with the stickers and trash. We are easily entertained.

I spent my free time last week sewing a few dresses for Brooklyn. I got the material from a lady that lives down the street. She was cleaning out her garage and realized she doesn't sew any more, so hoped I could put it to good use. The patterns were free from the internet. Which mostly worked out well. The first one I sewed (a pink one) ended up probably big enough for a 2 year old. So we'll have to wait for her to fit into that.

Brooklyn is such a happy little girl! She LOVES Dave and her brothers and me too. And we just love her. I mean, come on, do you see that face?

Last Saturday there was an Easter brunch and egg hunt at the church. The boys had a blast playing with their friends! We really need to do play dates more often.

Monday we had our Resurrection FHE and it went well. We also discussed Holy Week and what happened each day. This spawned a need to build several buildings to reenact holy week and the request for more figures. They built out of Duplos a jail for the soldiers to take Jesus to, Mary and Martha's house, and a more fancy tomb for Jesus. They wanted me to paint Martha, Lazarus, and more soldiers. Because they're pretty fancy and Brooklyn will probably want one next year.

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