Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day and Kindergarden Testing Week

"Mom keeps telling me to eat. Teething is so hard!~"

I look back on the past two weeks and it's really been a blur. I can't remember what days we did what, so I'll just spit out what we did as it comes to mind. First, why I'm a zombie. Brooklyn is teething. If we compare her teething experience to the boys, she's is substantially better (as I recall Logan didn't  sleep through the night for two weeks leading up to each tooth). Brooklyn has only lost a night or two of sleep per tooth, but she happened to decide to get all 4 front teeth in the same 2 week period. She has cut three and we are on our fourth right now. It's killing me!

Last week my parents were in town for my brother Dan's graduation and they stayed with us! The boys were ecstatic to show Grandma & Papa our new bathroom and make their bedroom "fancy". We loved getting to visit with them while they weren't out with Dan.

Friday we had a family dinner at our house. It was warm, but it sure was great to see the kids playing and to talk to Dan and congratulate him. We spent the evening chatting and eating pizza & ice cream.

The rest of the weekend was spent getting the garden ready to plant. It was busy and a lot of work (mostly for Dave), but we're glad it's done!

Logan also had a week off of school! He had to go in for a half hour for Kindergarden end of school testing, and the rest of the week was free! We went to the park, made slime, and visited my friend DeLenna out in Payson. We met up in Provo at the Rec Center and swam for 2 hours, then followed her home for lunch and all kinds of fun. It was exhausting but a great visit! We'll have to do it again.

The boys had so much fun that I decided to sign Logan up for Swimming Lessons. He's so close to swimming. I think a class is just what he needs to get it. He's not convinced, so I've bribed him with a treasure chest upon completion of the class. Hope it works! We'll also swim at the pool after his class is over, so it will be a fun way to end the class (hopefully).

This weekend I was smothered with love all weekend. Saturday Logan and Dave picked me two bouquets of flowers from our garden (one roses and one irises). Logan was so proud and we have smelled the flowers every day.

Dustin drew me a picture of me holding a rose. "See the thorns? You are being so careful not to get poked. And see your hair? You just jumped on the trampoline so it's sticking up." I LOVE it! I didn't know he could draw this detailed (he usually just scribbles).

For dinner I used a $50 off coupon code and ordered a box from Gobble. It's a meal subscription where you select two weeks in advance what you want, they send you the ingredients and it takes you 10 minutes to cook. We got three meals for 2 people and it cost us $20. The food was FABULOUS! My favorite we had for Friday night date. It was a mint and pea ravioli with a creamy sauce and pea sprouts. I will try to re-create it because man it was so good! For Mother's Day Dave made us Thai Chili shrimp with coconut rice and a salad with Thai spices and vinaigrette. It was also fabulous. Would I do it again? Probably for Mother's Day next year and maybe for our anniversary or something fancy if we don't have time for a real date. Cooking was super easy and clean up was one, maybe two dishes per meal. Perfect for a special occasion at home.

After dinner was rough. I think it's hard to know a whole day is for someone else and be good all day long. But we survived.

With summer coming in two weeks it has me thinking of what I can do to make things go smoother. We're going to have to make a schedule and some activities (maybe library, park, pool and play dates). We'll see what I can come up with. I also want to do some home schooling over the summer so Logan doesn't forget everything he's learned. We'll see.

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