Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Camping & Partying

For the 24th of July we took our new tent out for the first time up at Spruces! It worked great and we had tons of fun up in the mountains. We wished we could have stayed another night, but the sites were all booked for the weekend.

Our first hike was called Stairs Gulch. It was fun going up because the trail followed the river so we got to stop and play in the water a LOT. Which the boys loved.

Logan and Dustin had so much fun throwing rocks in the water and tromping through the icy water.

We found many patches of raspberries along the trail, and we picked and ate as we hiked.

There were also many butterflies along the trail. Logan and Dustin loved spotting the different colors (yellow, orange, green, white) and chasing them everywhere.

The water was beautifully clear and nice to dip our toes in.

Even Brooklyn enjoyed the cool water! She usually doesn't like being in cold water but it was so warm that she enjoyed cooling off.

The hike down was pretty rough. The rocks created mini rock slides and it scared the boys. Dave ended up walking down holding Logan's hand and I carried Dustin most of the way.

The campsite was nicely covered in shade. At one point it started sprinkling, but stopped quickly. It cooled the temperature down to the 70s which was perfect!

A moose walked through our campsite a few times! The boys were fascinated and loved following it around. It was a great trip!

We went to the Clark Planetarium and had such a fun time! They had 3 stories of exhibits. We picked Dave up after work, ate a picnic lunch and visited the museum.

We only stayed for 2 hours, but probably could have spent a lot longer there.

Since Logan has requested going back several times. It was a fun place to see and learn more about our solar system.

Last week started the week long celebration of Logan's Birthday!

We had Logan's friend party the Friday prior to Logan's actual Birthday. He had a Lego's Batman party with all kinds of classic games.

I made the pinata and decided to do Joker because we wouldn't want to hit Batman!

I also created 4 masks to use in a Super Hero dress up relay. The boys have loved enjoying the new masks!

 Logan's birthday was tons of fun too. He picked a blue square cake which was one of the more difficult cakes I've made.

Logan and Dustin have watched Lego's Batman 3 times since he got it for his Birthday. Sometimes they dress up when they watch.

The last few weeks of the summer have been super busy but fun! We've squeezed in a Mini build at the Lego Store, a Truck Building event at Home Depot, and tons of trips to Murray Pool. But Logan told me last week he is ready for school to start again.

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