Thursday, March 1, 2018


The end of January and the beginning of February passed by in a haze! But we got Logan's school pictures back! I promptly lost them (along with the pictures I printed out to send out Christmas cards this year... which I never mailed out). But he smiled so great!

We went to the dentist and he told Logan that his 4 front teeth that would be falling out in the next 6 months! He is ecstatic. He's been WAITING to loose one so the tooth fairy can visit our house. Someone told him the tooth fairy leaves gold coins, so he is really excited for that (Mom, not as much).

He and his friends at school decided he needed a hair cut, so they cut his hair during class. So now he has 1/2 inch hair buzzed all around. We learned if we need a hair cut to ask Mom because it's awful cold to not have hair in the middle of winter.

Logan has excelled at first grade! We are looking into putting him in a different Elementary School that will challenge him more. I'm a little stressed by the thought of having to drive him every day but it will be better for him (and the rest of our kids) in the long run. I've applied to a few Charter Schools and a school one district over. So far he has been accepted into two schools. One is my second choice school, so unless he gets accepted there too, he will probably be attending this one in the fall (smaller class sizes, higher over all rating, and WAY higher test score passes than his current school).

Dustin is learning like crazy too! When we put Brooklyn down for morning naps he and I practice writing our letters each day. He's mastered Dustin and has been working on other letters and words. Yesterday I was cleaning up from our writing practice and saw this written. I was so excited! "Dustin! Did you write MOM?!?" he responded "No, it says Momo, you know from Avatar? I ran out of room for the last o so it's on top." So cute, but I wish it said Mom.

He is so smart too! Dustin gets into everything I leave out. And he usually enlists Brooklyn's help. Today I was cleaning up breakfast and they had gotten the hot chocolate powder, snook it into the living room and ate who knows how much! I found trails of powder all over the house. Brooklyn was covered in chocolate, Dustin used a spoon so was less messy.

Brooklyn has also learned to get out her own toys and books. She makes such a big mess. She gets out and looks at EVERY book she owns every day. I'm glad she loves reading but I'm trying to teach her to contain the books to her bedroom instead of dragging them all over the house. She's also learning to clean up as well. She doesn't mind helping (which is more than I can say for her brothers).

As for me? I've been reading in my spare time and crocheting an infinity scarf. A friend of mine introduced me to Lemon Tart (a culinary mystery series) in September or October and I've been slowly reading them (ok, I'm still on book two, so really slowly). The mystery is interesting but the recipes and food she eats! It makes me so hungry! I've made two of her recipes so far and they were fabulous as the book described. 

Other than that we've been battling sickness. Dave got a cold, then he passed it onto Brooklyn, who passed it to me then the boys. We still have lingering coughs, and hope to be done with it soon. 

Oh, also somewhere in February we did a mini build at the Lego store, Logan saved up enough allowance to buy a really big Lego Dragon, and Dustin saved up the same. But he decided to spend it on gum. He didn't use ALL his money on gum, just a little of it. So he still has money to spare. We went swimming at the Murray pool in there somewhere too. This is the first time I though Brooklyn actually enjoyed herself! She loved wandering around in the shallows where she could touch and when we took her in the deep water she would throw herself on her back and just float with her live vest. It's good to see her enjoying herself!

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