Thursday, August 23, 2018

Birthdays and School

The summer is over and we had a great last few weeks! We crammed as much fun as possible into the end of summer. Logan's birthday was on the 8th and we made it one to remember! We woke up and headed to the Children's Museum at the Gateway Mall downtown. The boys had a blast trying out all the stations and Brooklyn LOVED the balls. I was a bit overwhelmed by all the people and kids running around like mad men while trying to keep 3 kids in one place, but we didn't loose anyone and survived! Afterwards the boys realized we were close to Dave's work so we HAD to stop by and say hi!

After lunch and nap time we went to the Lego Store for a free mini build. The boys built snails they got to take home and Brooklyn got to build with Duplos. We spent about an hour in the store playing and making a wish list for Legos we want for Christmas. Afterwards we headed to Build a Bear. It was our first time in the store and the kids had fun! Since Logan and Brooklyn have August birthdays they got a Birthday bear for the price of their age. And Dustin got a bear for $15 off since I had a coupon. So for $11 they each got to do a Bear. They now each have a wish list of clothing I need to make for them.

When we got home from the shops it was time to top pizzas and frost cupcakes for Logan's birthday dinner!!! He had fun decorating his pizza and opening his gifts. It was a long day for me crammed full of fun things, but I'm glad we could make his day extra special!

Brooklyn's Birthday was Monday the 13th and we had a fun day for her too! We didn't cram as much in but she had fun. She was EXCITED to get to pick her own cupcakes, frosting and toppings. She picked pink EVERYTHING! When it came time to blow out candles she insisted on blowing them out at least 10 times. I figured it was her birthday, let her do what she wants.

I crocheted her a little purse for her birthday because she keeps stealing mine to put her toys in. She loves it, but still steals my purse. She is convinced only My Little Ponies can go in her purse. My purses are for her other toys.

Brooklyn has been obsessed with owls lately so we got her a little stuffed animal. She carries it around everywhere and refuses to go to sleep with Owl. She had 1 pair of owl jammies this summer and every time they were dirty and we couldn't wear them to bed, she would throw a fit! So when I found two pairs of owl jammies on the clearance rack yesterday I HAD to buy them for her! So now we have 3 pairs to rotate through instead of just one.

Brooklyn in her new Owl jammies

We also adopted a cat last week. My aunt and uncle moved to Florida and couldn't take their cat with them, so we decided to add her to our family. The boys were very patient the first few days while she got used to use, and now she likes us too! She especially loves Dustin and follows him around from room to room.

The boys insisted we get a name tag with our phone number on the back incase our cat gets lost

They voted on a new name for her and decided on Speedy (Dustin's choice because her stripes reminds him of Flash's lighting bold and we already have a fish named Flash so we can't use that twice) Tiger (Logan's choice because she looks like a tiger). Most of the time we call her Tiger though.

The kids love having her close by! At first they were scared to have her in their room at night, but now they leave their door cracked open so she can sleep on their beds.

Yesterday dustin came in crying because "The cat bit me!". This was our first bit, so I asked "What did you do to her?" He responded "I just put chapstick on her because her lips smelled bad!" That kid! So we had to talk about how we don't put person things on animals and cats alway have stinky lips.

Brooklyn is convinced the cat exhists for her enjoyment. She follows her around the yard exploring with her. See the cat's little head by the fence? Brooklyn's making sure she doesn't go in Joe's yard. She flips out when the cat leaves our yard.

 And she cries when the cat goes outside without her. Because she is scared the cat won't come back.

 Monday was Logan's first day of school! Last year was a very frustrating and difficult year for Logan and the circumstances lead us to start a new school this year. So Logan was very nervous to be starting a new school but was glad to know at least one friend in his class from church.

Day 1 was great! I decided to walk him into his classroom and when we got to the front door of the school the principal and teachers were lining the entrance blasting music, balloons all over the place, handing out sunglasses to all the students. Logan took one look and grinned telling me he was glad his new school was a party school. He came home from school all smiles and excited to be at a new school.

Day 2 he had a good day at school as well. That night was Back to School night at the school and he was excited to show us around his new class and school.

Afterwards we headed to A&W to get some root beer floats before bedtime! The kids had a blast and probably drank 3 or 4 cups each. Everyone crashed when we got home after such a long day full of changes. Logan told me he was having a hard time with the new school, because there were so many changes and new people.

Day 3 he brought enough dinosaur erasers in to share with his class. I was hoping it would help him to get to know everyone better if he handed them out. He came home from school exhausted but happy.

Day 4 was a good day! The kids and I worked on cleaning up the house while Logan was at school and organized too small clothes into piles to give away and piles to (hopefully) sell. I also worked on some dress alterations for a friend. Logan again came home happy and everyone worked on a goat puppet after school. I'm sure it will still be hard for Logan from time to time, but I'm hoping the worst of it is over. I'm very impressed with his new school and glad we moved him.

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