Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October Ends

October was the start of a challenging phase of our lives. I have a hard time remembering to write about what's going on when I'm in survival mode and pretty much the end of 2018 was filled with challenge after challenge. 

But I did find time to make this little girl an owl costume that she absolutely loved for Halloween. She insisted on wearing it all over town and around the house daily for quite a while. Brooklyn is obsessed with all things owl related! Pictures, books, stuffed animals, clothes. If if has an owl on it 1. it belongs to her 2. it must be in use now. She is angry every time her owl jammies are dirty and has to wear something else. This started in the summer and I'm so glad we have 2 winter owl jammies that are acceptable apparel.

We had a few playdates in December. This picture was taken of Dustin and his friend after "playing so hard we just had to have a rest". They are so silly and don't get together nearly enough.

Miss Brooklyn has discovered purses. She LOVES to carry around her three little purses or steal my purses. I have one particular purse she is convinced is hers. I brought it to church on Sunday and she kept getting angry with me that my stuff was in HER purse. The blue purse above was my purse when I was a little girl. Made by my Grandma Kathryn Yoder.

The library had a Mad Science night at the Library which the kids absolutely loved! There were only 3 families in attendance so the kids got really involved. Everyone that wanted to participate got to.

 The woman that ran the show was great about explaining the science of each experiment to the kids and constantly reminded them this wasn't a trick but a chemical reaction. If I were the type to throw massive, expensive birthday parties I would totally higher her for the boys!

The final experiment was creating glow in the dark, glitter slime. The kids thought it was awesome and we spend hours "charging" their slime up to lamps and running to a dark room to see it glow. I hope they do this event again next year.

October started the beginning of my total house purging fest! I've finally started going through all our baby things and giving away to families that could use them. It's been stressful to get rid of so much but I'm loving all the extra storage space we have. Just kidding, I've already filled up that space with larger sized clothes for the kids. I buy when I find it on sale/clearance and save it for when they are bigger. Which is why I just had to get rid of stuff. Although I did get all the clothing out of the shed (which Dave will enjoy come spring).

Logan's school did the typical halloween costume parade and had a blast! The kids got tons of candy this year at the trunk or treat and trick or treating as well. It was so much I froze 2 gallon bags  to keep them from dyeing of a sugar coma. They enjoyed slowly getting the candy back out as well.

Dustin has become more dramatic lately. He has been such an easy going, goofy kid that this is so left field for him. When he's upset he pretends he is crying and throws himself on the couch. I'm sure he'll eventually learn this doesn't get him what he wants. I point out his fake tears every time. Here's an example conversation:

Dustin (in tears) I'M STARVING!!!
Me: you can have the yogurt you didn't finish at snack. I'm cooking soup and baking rolls for dinner.

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