Sunday, February 17, 2019

February Begins

Febuary has been a fun month for us! We started off the first weekend with a dinner party at the Vite's house. They provided tamales, chips and salsa and we made some cookies with baby Jesus baked inside. The boys thought it would be hilarious to save the babies that were baked into the Rosca De Reyes they brought us in January and bake them into our treats. I forewarned the Vites but Amanda forgot so she took a hearty bite of cookie decapitating Jesus. Everyone got a good laugh out of that!

The weather had been so nice that we took the opportunity to go on a walk along the Jordan River trail and visit the Cultural Center. The kids were tough hikers and were happy to see many ducks and Canadian geese along the path.

The boys insisted on some tree climbing although they never get very far.

 Brooklyn started a collection as we were walking. She collected sticks, bark, leaves and anything she could carry.

In all my organizing Dustin discovered my paints and asked if he could make something. He painted me a "spring decoration" I'm the one on the left, Brooklyn is on the right and the flowers are so you know it's spring.

Brooklyn insisted on painting one too! She picked out the colors herself and insisted hers is a Valentine's decoration.

I've completed the top of the Wedding Ring quilt my Grandma gave me! I love how it turned out and can't wait to quilt and bind it. I switched up some of the colors and can't wait to hang it up on the wall!

The 8th was Logan's half birthday! At his school if you have a birthday in the summer you get to celebrate on your half birthday. So we made these stuffed cupcakes to celebrate. 

I started watching Marie Kondo's the Art of Tidying Up on Netflix. Probably should have watched this before my 4 month cleaning frenzy, but I think it only hit Netflix this year. Oh well. I decided to try out her folding method on my pants and was surprised to find out I like it better. Instead of my pants taking up two drawers they now take up 1.5 drawers. Dave was impressed and lamented his exercise drawer being a mess. So I Kondoed his entire dresser for a Valentine's gift. Now I just need to find the time to do the rest of mine.

I've been working on my mending/alteration pile this week. It's been a lot of work but I'm 90% done. Which is good because I wasn't supposed to work on any fun sewing until I completed it... but I couldn't help myself! I had to work on Grandma's Double Wedding Ring Quilt and I had to sew a baby quilt!

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