Monday, April 2, 2012

Conference & getting ready for Easter!

Before we start in on Conference, Friday Logan's bike helmet arrived in the mail! So we went on a bike ride to break it in. I don't know how much Logan loved it, but Dave and I had a great time! We haven't been on our bikes since last July (right before Logan was born). And it was so much fun to spend an hour and a half in mid-70 degree weather getting back  into it! I love the bike trailer, and I call it the "great equalizer" because I can finally keep up with Dave on his bike.

My two favorite guys ready for Priesthood Session!

Dave, Logan and I had tons of fun enjoying General Conference this weekend! This year due to a HUGE amount of homework, we decided to spend most of the weekend at home. So, like my mother before me, I made all kinds of treats to make sure we stayed awake through the event. We snacked on a Spinach Cheese Dip, Chocolate Chip cookies, Banana Muffins, Roast Beef Sandwiches, Pears and a variety of candy that struck our fancy.

And it really wasn't all about food. We had fun enjoying the messages from the Prophet and Apostles. We both left with a few ideas of things we wanted to change, and we're excited to do so! Logan slept through most of the sessions, and totally skipped Priesthood! He's such a rebel.

We went down to my parents for Priesthood. Dave  and the boys all went to the session with my Dad and the girls did our annual pizza and $5 DI night. We all get $5 to spend at DI and when we get home we show each other what cool things we found for $5! It was good, and I got a few cute things for Logan.

We've also been preparing for Easter. Dave and I can't remember what we've done for Easter in the past, but this year we decided to do a little dinner at home. I demand that we make deviled eggs, Dave insists on potato salad, and we collectively decided just to get a rotisserie chicken from Costco for the main course. I'll probably add some green beans, rolls and some kind of dessert too, but don't have to decide until I go shopping tomorrow. The only problem I forsee is not busting out the rotisserie chicken when I buy it on Saturday... Those guys are just too tempting!

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  1. Oh that Logan! I can't believe he skipped Priesthood. You're going to have to keep a close eye on him ;)