Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Week of Cuddles

It's been a snugly week in the Plastow home. Logan's been recovering, but has wanted extra love and attention. So we snuggle and play most of the day. This morning he woke up some time before six, and we ended up falling back asleep cuddling (which is Dave's dream come true).

We've also been playing a lot of hide and seek lately. Dave will run and hide, then peep until Logan and I find him. Then I take a turn hiding until we run out of hiding spots (once you've hid in on spot he remembers and check it). Logan thinks it's great fun, and he'll wants to get in our hiding spot when we find him.

In other news last week Wednesday my brother Dan got home from his mission. Logan and I were able to meet him at the airport and Dan briefly visited our home after. It was great, because Logan hadn't gotten to meet him yet and they were able to spend some time together. Dan would talk or gesture in Tagalog, and Logan would respond. He had to show his Uncle all his toys and book and his fish before he could leave. It was fun to watch them interact.

We spent Thanksgiving at the Plastows and had fun eating and visiting. Dave's old roommate Ramsey and his wife stopped by too. It was fun to catch up with them as well.

I feel ready for Christmas, even though it's still November! I wrapped the presents on Monday. Logan helped by unwrapping the first 4 I wrapped when I went to get more tape. He was having the time of his life playing with all his toys early! At least I know he'll like them. So now all the gifts are high up on the bookshelves in the living room so not to tempt him.


  1. We haven't wrapped any presents yet, but I have thought about what would happen if I did so and placed them under the tree. It wouldn't be pretty :)

  2. Well, I guess it depends on who you ask... Logan would say it was a great afternoon. I would say it was twice the work, but at least he had fun. And now we know he loves the toys he will be getting for Christmas.

  3. Logan's such a cute little busy body! Luke unwrapped one of Madelyn's presents already....I finally had to haul them all out to the storage unit till Christmas Eve.

    Glad that Dan is home safe and sound. The size of the Brown family grew quite a bit while he was gone!