Friday, January 11, 2013

New Years Resolution

So I've decided this year our family resolution should to not get sick... Too bad we've already failed at that! Logan got sick the week before Christmas with a cold, and was sick for 3 weeks! At the beginning of this week he was finally better, then yesterday he had a fever again! Sigh... I'm so sick of a sick little guy! I feel so sorry for him, but I can't just cuddle and play with him all day, we've got to get some cleaning/cooking/house work done too!

Due to illness we've been stuck in the house a lot and I've been going a little stir crazy. We did go through all Logan's toys and donate 2 Walmart bags of toys to Savers. We also switched him from 12 month clothes to 18 months. So some organizing and cleaning was involved there. I also sewed a few more bags for Logan to store his toys in. So his closet (and the house in general) are looking a lot better.  His bags are all different colors and he knows which toys are in each and will point to:

Red - Train Tracks & Trains
Orange - Dinosaur & Jungle Animals
Yellow - Cars
Green - Little People and Farm animals

And there's a Turquoise one in the office filled with blocks. I'll make him some more as he needs more.

January 2nd I started eating Gluten Free and have been trying out new recipes. One of my goals is to try one new GF recipe each week. I'm sure this won't last all year, but until I build up a nice cook book, I'd like to keep this up. So far I've found a FABULOUS Cheese Roll recipe, a good Pizza Crust recipe, a good Pie Crust recipe, and an ok Sandwich Bread recipe (I want to find a better one).

It's going well, but it's totally different baking than I'm used to. I need to comprehend the Chemestry behind it all better before I'm more confident in just whipping out a new recipe. Right now I have to get Dave to watch Logan so I can concentrate or do my baking after Logan's in bed.

I did pick up this Pepper shaker while shopping for antiques with my Mom and Grandma over New Years and vowed to make it into a soap dispenser. I LOVE how it turned out! It's just so cute! I made it for the bath room, but now want to make another for the kitchen. I just have to find another cool jar to make it out of.

It took me 15 minutes to cut a hole in the top with a utility knife, cut the top off of an old soap dispenser, hot glue the top into the inside of the lid, screw in the top part of the dispenser (I wanted to be able to easily remove it if the top dispenser breaks), and cut the straw to the right size. Now every time I wash my hands I'm so proud of our little soap dispenser!

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