Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Logan Updates

Logan had his first trip to the Dentist! I got a free coupon in the mail for a visit for kids under 2, so we took Logan in for his first visit. We have dental insurance starting next month, but none of our covered dentists are kids dentists, so I thought this would be a good introduction.

He did pretty good. He loved playing in the pirate ship that was the waiting room. He enjoyed going back and getting to sit on the big boy chair and play with his new tooth brush. He let the dental hygienist paint fluoride on his teeth. He even let the dentist check out his teeth. But he didn't want the spin brush put in his mouth to do the cleaning. So we skipped that part, but it was a good first introduction to the dentist.

Dave and I have also been shocked on how many words Logan's picked up lately. He knows all the food words he eats regularly, even some two syllable ones like water and cracker. He's also been surprising us with other words like pants, Jesus, and Grandma/pa.

The twin size mattress we bought Logan last weekend has been a big success! About a month ago Logan was waking up several time a night because he crawls in his sleep and had been getting caught in the bars of his crib. So we put his crib mattress on the ground and he slept a little better, but would crawl off the mattress and wake up crying. Now he's crawling around his big mattress, but not waking us up!

The only problem is he's realized he can get out of his bed! A few naps this week I've heard him playing by himself (I come in to fine toys and books strewn across the floor). One day I heard knocking on his bedroom door because he decided after 15 minutes he was "done" napping. But he's doing well over all with this bed.


  1. Wow, a big boy bed already! That's so cute how excited he is. Having them hop out of bed whenever they want to is the only downside...as soon as we switched Luke to a toddler bed, he's made his way into our bedroom every single night since then!

    1. Fortunately Logan stays in bed at night! I don't think his half asleep self realizes he can get out. He (and we) have been getting so much more sleep since the transition! We are back to him sleeping from 8:00 to 7:30 am.