Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Slow Weekend

This weekend was a casual weekend! We haven't had one of those in about 3 months. It's been so busy lately. I had my monthly quilting class in the morning and that was all we had planned all weekend! I got a few sewing projects done, and Dave got a lot of playing time with the boys. The boys just loved spending time with their Dad. Lots of sandbox time!

Logan got a hold of my camera this week. I was making dinner and I saw excessive flashing followed by gales of laughter from both boys. When I finished cooking I found 78 pictures on the camera. Most were of Dustin, but I had a few close-ups of Logan's eye too.

When we got out Loan's winter clothes he found his jammies my mom made for him for Christmas last year. He insists on wearing them still, even though they're several inches too short! I'm going to have to sneak them out of his drawer, but haven't had the chance yet.

Dustin finally started crawling! We're so glad, even though now he gets into everything. He doesn't like crawling on a hard surface, so it keeps him out of the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway. We were starting to get worried that Dustin wasn't crawling yet (Logan was walking by the time he's Dustin's age), but we're happy he's getting around great now!


  1. Yay for milestones! I know every kid is different, but sometimes you just want them to get with it! Penelope doesn't like crawling on hard surfaces either--she scoots on the tile. I don't blame them!

    1. I kept telling myself that! "every kid is different" but it is so hard not to compair!

  2. We have been so hectic/busy around here, too. I wish I had a free weekend coming up!

    I'm impressed that Logan managed to get pictures of Dustin's face, haha.