Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference Weekend

This was the week of Conference! The week was full of preparing for it, and the weekend was full of enjoying it. We usually go down to my parents for Conference, but this time they were out of town. So we went shopping at the Dollar Tree to get some treats and supplies to make sure we made it through!

We all got to pick whatever candy we wanted, and we spent $5 getting special toys for Logan to keep busy with (stained glass train to paint, stamp markers, glow in the dark silly putty, stretchy dinosaurs, and 300 stickers). My attitude is if $5 let us listen, then it's worth it! He did pretty good. At the end of each talk we would sum up what it was about for him. And when President Monson spoke, we made sure he listened and remembered what he said.

We also spent the week preparing foods for the day. We were supposed to have chocolate doughnuts for Saturday's breakfast and Sunday a big cooked breakfast. But I guess I didn't tell Dave, so he wanted to cook Sat, and Logan wanted chocolate doughnuts. So we enjoyed both Saturday and ate leftovers Sunday. We also made Broccoli Beef for dinner Saturday and Chili & Cornbread Muffins Sunday. Logan wanted Moose cheese for a snack (that's what he calls colby jack), so we also enjoyed that with crackers and Laughing Cow cheese.

Saturday afternoon we went on a walk to the Elementary school between sessions and played at the playground. That evening the boys and I trimmed bushes and tidied up the house while Dave went to priesthood. Afterwards we went out for Ice Cream. It was tons of fun! Even Dustin got his own baby cone (they give free kiddy cones at Arctic Circle).

Sometime this weekend we finished painting the attic vents (finally!). I'm hoping we're done for the year, but I need to double check with Dave for sure. We are out of white paint, so I see that as a sign. We also picked Raspberries and tomatoes, as well as blanching, blending, and freezing a huge bowl full. I'll figure out what we want to do with them in a week or so. I'm thinking Tomato Sauce or more Salsa. Not sure yet.

I got a lot of projects done also! The best way for me to pay attention is to keep my hands busy, and since Conference falls right at nap time for Dustin, I was able to work hard while listening. I cut out and started hand sewing some Totoro stuffed animals (technical Japanese term is Nuigurumi). They're for Logan and Dustin for Christmas (we have to start early). Every time Logan watches My Neighbor Totoro he tells me "Mom, you could make me a Totoro toy. I would LOVE that!" So I thought I would start early to make sure it got done.

Also, I've been working on Halloween Costumes. I finished the cowl for Logan's Batman costume (it's just a fleece hat with bat ears, he didn't want a mask). So now I have his shirt, cape, and cowl. I don't think I'll put underwear on the outside of his sweat pants, because it will look silly after Halloween, so I think he's done. Dustin's Robin jammies and cape are done, and Dave's Twoface shirt and pants are done. I just need to make him a tie (and have him try on the shirt and pants to make sure they fit. Now I just have to figure out my costume… I'm not too excited about figuring that out. Dave wants us all to be Batman characters, and all the ladies are in spandex... but I'm sure I'll come up with something. Uma Thurman had a version of poison ivy that had long sleeves and pants, so maybe if I can find a shirt at the thrift store in the right neon color it will work.

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