Sunday, August 23, 2015

In which we return to a schedule

This week has been a pretty typical one. We're starting to get into a fall routine, although Logan doesn't start preschool until some time in September. He's been loving his online preschool program. We do it for 20 - 30 minutes a day 5 days a week, and I generally sit beside him to make sure if he has questions I can help. So far he's learned about rhyming words and to count syllables in words. It's cute to hear him say a word while clapping. He always asks me after "3 syllables, right?" but I'm sure over time he'll get more confident.

I've gotten back into exercising 3 times a week again. This is my third week in a row. The boys are more cooperative this time around. They mostly watch me, but some times Logan will join in. I'm just glad they're done climbing all over me during it. I get more of a workout that way.

the red towel is more muted in real life

Some time this week I volunteered to teach a Super Saturday class on machine appliquéing hand/tea towels (in October). I've been creating patterns and trying to make a few examples. I finished three examples (the colors are more muted than they showed up in the pictures). I want to make 3 every day designs, and three winter ones too. I figure the ladies taking the class can pick up to 3. I'll provide a plain white towel and material, or the ladies can go out and get their own towels if they want fancier or colored towels.

I also finished binding my American Flag quilt this week. I've been making it for 2 years now, and the goal was to have it done by the 4th of July. I love how it turned out and can't wait to hang it up next year for July! I had all kinds of plans to make patriotic decorations this year, but with the renters in the basement, I don't have a place to decorate, so it didn't happen.

Friday Dave's co-worker invited us to join his extended family volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. Dave has done this several times, but this is the first time we've brought the boys. They provide housing and meals for families who have a child really sick and is staying at the hospital (so the family can be close by even if they are from far away). The boys were good, although not too helpful they stayed out of the way well. We prepared and served dinner. It was good to get to do some service, especially for families.

Last Sunday Dave was called to be Young Men's Second Councilor, and this Saturday they were having a fireside up the canyon. Dave left at 6:00am and got back around noon. He's excited to get to work with the youth again, and hopefully he'll be released from teaching the Youth Sunday School soon. Since he'll be teaching the YM at least once a month, this will keep him from preparing two lessons in one week.

Saturday night I was invited to see a play with my friend Tenille, so I ditched Dave and the boys to see it! Let's be honest, I totally needed a girls night out. I haven't had one in a while, and with Dave gone most of Saturday, it was the perfect time for it. It was a mockery of Grease and West Side Story, and it was hilarious. We had a good time! They are doing "Star Wards: These are not the Elders you are looking for" next. Maybe I can convince Dave we want a date night next month to that one.

Sunday we were at church in the morning, and in the afternoon we went to the birthday party of Devonch (the boy living in the basement). Vrushali cooked TONS of food, and she sent us home with half of it. It was delicious! Two Indian Curries, Naan, a custard fruit salad, and some spicy rice. We will be eating well this week (and I froze about 8 servings for later). After helping clean up, we read a email from Grandma Sheila & Papa Mike and headed to bed. It was a busy weekend for us!

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