Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Carnaval, Conference, Canoeing & Costco

A few weeks ago Logan's school had a Carnaval! The boys had a blast playing in the bounce houses with Logan's friends. They were all over the place and thoroughly wore themselves out!

Brooklyn had a good time watching the boys, but wasn't quite big enough for the festivities yet. She did enjoy the swing, which is one of her favorite things to do in general.

It was a fun event and we let the boys pick a treat while there. Logan got a snow cone and Dustin got a thing of Cotton candy. Dave and I obtained from the sugary goodness.

Last weekend was Conference! We loved listening to the Apostles speak. There was much snacking, much snuggling and much sewing. I have to keep my hands busy or I fall asleep during the afternoon sessions every time.

My main project was appliquéing a penguin onto Brooklyn's stocking. It's not done yet, but the applique part is finished (which is by far the longest to complete).

Logan spent the vast majority of Sunday making Perler bead creations. He made designs, super heroes and a skull for our neighbor. Don't be surprised if you get a creation for Christmas.


This is the oversized bear we have to snuggle with every time we are at Costco. He comes up to my chin he is so huge.

We have to take a picture of him every time we are at Costco and text it to someone BEGGING for it for Dustin's Birthday, Christmas, or "because you love me".

Finally Grandma Sheila and Papa Mike said to buy it for Dustin's Birthday! He doesn't know yet... We "bought" it for Grandma & Papa and it disappeared the next day. It will reappear again in a month. This is Dustin's second massively oversized animal. We snuggle his Giraffe Peachy every day and read our scriptures and bedtime stories leaning against him in the boys room. He promises to share with his sibblings if he could just have one!

Last weekend we went canoeing with Mike and Alison for Sara's birthday bash! We inherited the canoe the Poulson's had when they were kids and Mike inherited the canoe our family had.

Halfway down the river we stopped for watermelon and birthday cake. It was tons of fun!

I was glad to find out Mike and Alison are about as good in a canoe as Dave and I are (not to say we are bad or anything...)

But we all had a good time! Brooklyn kept trying to go swimming. She loved feeling the water and Dustin loved splashing her while Logan loved telling us what we saw on river.

After we chatted while the kids played in the canoes. It was a good time.

Logan was happy to find out we were making our own pizzas for dinner that night too. It's one of our family's favorite meals, and will probably be happening more frequently since I made packets of pizza dough mix.

Other than that our lives have been consumed with selling candybars for Logan's school fundraiser. He set a goal to sell 96 bars which will earn him a prize of a magic thumb trick. I seriously considered buying him the prize so I didn't have to worry about the fundraiser, but he was so gung-ho that I gave in and we went door to door to ward members in the neighborhood. He had sold the entire two boxes by day two of the two week event!

We've also been reading chapter books lately for bedtime stories. Logan picked Tales of the 4th Grade Nothing (which we have completed) and Dustin picked Castle in the Attic (which we are still working on)..

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