Monday, April 29, 2019

Easter & More Rain

This has been the rainiest spring in the whole world! Ever! Ok, maybe just the rainiest Taylorsville spring for the past 10 years. We play outside as much as we can but I'm a rain wimp. For the first year ever all the kids have rain coats so that's helped a little. The boys were given them and I bought one for Broonlyn since we'll be in rainy Oregon this summer. So they've been out dancing in the rain and jumping on the Trampoline in the rain (which still gets their bums wet).

Dave got this hammock for his birthday in February for camping. The kids love it and play in it all the time. I'm not sure why but they're convinced it works best when you are only in your underwear. I know where they are if I see a pile of clothes under the hammock.

We visited Grandma Linda & Papa Bill last week and Papa busted out his balloon making stuff and made swords, flowers, and crowns for the kids. They had a blast!  And were pretty sad when the balloons popped.

The Saturday before Easter was busy! We had a church egg hunt in the morning followed by a friend birthday party in the afternoon. Between that and trying to mow the lawn between rain storms, it was a wet, busy Saturday.

Easter Sunday we got baskets from the Easter bunny!!! Brooklyn was shocked and very happy such a little guy could bring so much candy. Dave decided next year we are going to ask the Easter bunny to bring no candy at all. Logan wasn't sure there was an Easter bunny but decided he must be real. We had our traditional funeral potatoes and ham for dinner with corn on the cob and apple pie for dessert. Brooklyn ate 3 ears of corn! The boys decided they would rather have banana cream pie next year.

The kids got a job this week! A neighbor asked we they could take their dog for a walk in the middle of the day while they're at work. They each get paid $1 per walk. They decided it's the best job ever!!!

For Activity Days this week we made a quilt top to donate to our Young Women's girls camp fund raiser auction! The girls were so proud of their sewing! I have until the 10th to pin it (tomorrow), quilt it, and bind it! Better get to work...

Dave and I got to go on a date to Avenger's Endgames this week. Dave got free tickets through a work event and Linda came to watch the kids. I was glad the movie didn't leave any cliff hangers this time you get all the closure you need! Dave loves the super hero movies so he was excited to see it.

Logan had his school fun run last Friday! He had a blast running with his friend Tyson. Logan got 6th place in his grade (he says there are 3 classes with 20ish kids each). He is so proud and got a blue ribbon!

Brooklyn has been doing a lot better with potty training and only had 1 accident all weekend! I put her back in diapers during night time last Monday and I think that shocked her into not being lazy. She has woken up dry ever since so last night I let her sleep in undies again.

Dustin has been a champ at his internet preschool this week! He can sound out words that are 5 letters long and can read a lot of smaller words. He's been fighting me on playing his game all year so it's nice to finally not have to battle with him 5 days a week.

Saturday we tore out all the grass in our front parking strips and are in the process of filling them with rocks. It will be more water efficient even with the desert plants Dave wants to add to make it look nicer. It was a TON of work and we are both still sore from all the work. Hopefully this will be our only big project this summer and hopefully we will be done after a few weekends.

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