Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is there a writer in the Audience?

Have you ever written about the same topic? For two days strait? And then get asked to write about it again on day three? What follows? Writer’s Block! That’s where I am right now. I’m working for an online dating company and we’ve really been pushing to drum up more business.

So I’ve been writing about it. I’ve written recruitment emails. I’ve written 4 going on 5 newsletters to current promoters (aka. Affiliates).  I’ve written and edited several articles on our newest products for top Affiliates. I’ve created three different promotions to run for separate groups of affiliates.  I’ve written and written and written until I’ve run out of new angles to take online dating with the exact same material.

So hope with me that something HUGE happens for the online dating world. Like Lindsay Lohan suddenly realizes the answer to all her problems is to become a staunch Jew and start dating on Jdate.com. Perhaps Sherry Dew could find her eternal companion on LDSMingle.com and rave about it to the masses of LDS singles. Or Brad and Angelina break up and Brad decides Spark.com is the dating site he needs to turn to for comfort. The possibilities are endless, and I only really need one to spice up my writing.

I could write about climbing instead. I could probably do that for weeks at a time! I could write about my favorite routes in AF canyon and the Cottonwoods. I could write about what kind of gear helps you reach the next level of climbing. I could write about what climbing techniques conserve your energy so you have more stamina in the climb. I could write about what kind of work out regiment is optimal to increase your climbing endurance and strength. I could write about what climbing clothing company has the most durable and comfortable clothing. For men and women. BUT that’s not what my boss wants to hear about, is it? DANG…

So back to writing about dating! The funny thing is, writing this post has helped me thing of new angles I can take with dating. Maybe I should approach it the same way as climbing… I’m liking this idea.


  1. I was thinking of Jon Gossling from Jon and Kate plus 8. He has a new 18 year old girlfriend every other week. I'm sure he'd be happy to sign onto a dating service however he might actually be bad publicity. So much for that idea! Good Luck

  2. Hum... sometimes publicity is publicity and bad news still drives traffic... Maybe we can work with this ;)