Monday, October 28, 2013

Baby #2: Coming Soon!

This week has been a crazy one! Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment and was told I've started progressing and could have the baby any time (she gave me a week to a month). I was dilated to 2 cm, 80% effaced, and the baby is at a station 1. So we are moving in the right direction. I'm hoping for 2 more weeks before the baby joins us, just so I can get a few little things done. Nothing necessary, just nice to have done things. I'm not due for 3 more weeks, so It would be nice to follow that time table.

Wednesday my mom kidnapped Logan for most of the day and I got some time to myself! It was nice to get some sewing done. I also got 4 gluten free freezer meals cooked and in the freezer. I'm sure these will be helpful after the baby is born. I wanted to have something put away for the first few weeks of new baby survival. 

Dave's sister also had her first baby girl (Morgan) Wednesday, and we were able to go meet her on Thursday after Dave got off work. She is so cute, with chubby little cheeks! Holding her was fun, but she's bigger than Logan was. It was surprising how much difference 3 lbs makes.

We're done with the front door! We got the 3 coats of polyurethane done this weekend, and fortunately it was such a warm, sunny Saturday that we were able to get the door up before dinner that night. I'm so glad it's done, but it was so much work! Now we're officially done with everything on my list of things to get done before #2 joins us.

Sunday we had a casual day, which was nice. After lunch we laid down for a little while during Logan's nap. I read and Dave decided to take a nap. After 30 minutes of hearing Logan playing with his stuffed animals, we heard his door open. 

He stopped in front of our bedroom door (Dave whispered "pretend you're asleep", so we did). We then heard Logan sneak off to the kitchen. One of the chairs was pulled out from the table, we heard the crinkle of plastic for a few minutes, then he headed back to his room and shut the door. Followed by his going to sleep. He's been skipping nap time a lot lately, and I can't say I'm happy about that! I would prefer if he kept napping at least until the baby is sleeping through then night.

We made brownie sundaes after dinner, and Logan was just in heaven! Dave wants to start doing a special dessert on Sundays, and Logan is in full support. He finished off his bowl and said "Mommy I love ice cream! More please?" How can I say no to that?

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