Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Week

We had tons of fun Christmas week! Dave got off work half a day Tuesday, and the rest of the week off. It was so nice to have so much time as a family.

Christmas eve we had Dave's parents over to decorate sugar cookies (since it's was my parent's year for Christmas). Logan and I prepped the cookie dough and frosting in advance. Logan had so much fun making stuff. He wanted to sample every ingredient and would tell me if it was yummy (sugar), or yucky (salt, baking powder, etc). He kept sampling the dough and frosting.

He also couldn't keep his tongue off the dough while cutting out the cookies! Papa Bill would start rolling out the dough and Logan would grab little pieces.

He loved picking out which cookie cutter to use and pushing down the cutters.

Frosting was tons of fun too! We asked Logan which color frosting he wanted, then he would eat the sprinkles and bite the arms off all the gingerbread man cookies. I think he ate more cookies than he decorated.

That night I told Logan we needed to clean the house because Santa wanted to bring us presents while we were sleeping, and Santa wouldn't come if our house was dirty. So Logan was obsessed with cleaning up and putting his toys away. We read Christmas books and Logan went to bed.

Christmas day we woke up really late (Logan didn't get up until 9) and we opened presents. Logan had so much fun! He would open up a gift and exclaim "I love this, thanks Santa!" We would play with it for a while and then open the next gift.

That night we went to my parents house for appetizers and desserts. It was fun to try all the different things everyone brought and to chat. The kids had fun reading books with Grandma, and playing with all the toys. It was funny to see them interact with each other. Grandma Sheila would read a page and ask a question like "Do you have a stocking at your house?" and they would all answer. "Yes, mine is red", "Mine has a snowman on it!" etc. And each kid would look at the other and consider the answer.

Saturday my Mom came up and watched Logan and Dustin so we could go see the Hobbit! It was so much fun to go see a movie without the boys. And the movie was great. It was really long though. I wish they would have made it into two movies instead of one. They added a lot of unnecessary stuff to stretch it out to three movies. But they did a great job.

Saturday we took the boys sledding at the golf course down the street. It was warm out, and Logan had so much fun! Dustin thought we were nuts for being out, but we all had fun.

Logan would laugh the entire time he was going down and get so excited we got to take him down again and again.

I made the boys pose with Dave for a picture. They're so cute all together! After about a half hour the wind started up, and I took Dustin to the car to warm up. Logan and Dave sled for a while longer, and we headed home.

Sunday Dustin and I went to church with Dave and Logan, and it went well. It was hard making it by 9, but next week our ward switches to 11, so that should help. Over all it was a fun week!

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