Monday, December 9, 2013

Ready for Christmas!

We're officially ready for Christmas! Dave finished the mantle he was working on, so the stockings are hung by the chimney. I'm so happy that we finally have a mantle above our fireplace! It's perfect.

I was able to finish my winter table runner before Dustin was born, so that's on the table making our kitchen more festive. The nativities are out and have been well played with. Logan loves playing with "Mama Mary", "Daddy Joseph", and "Liggle Baby Jesus, Like Dustin".

Logan's been doing a lot better lately. He had an accident free day Monday and Tuesday. I've totally bribed him with a new pair of underwear every day he goes accident free (Spiderman or Thomas the Train), and it's working! He even woke up from nap Monday, took off his diaper and went to the potty. Before he woke me up from my nap. So we're heading in the right direction!

Dustin had his two week doctor's appointment and got his hearing test Tuesday. He passed his hearing test and has gained a lot of weight. The doctors were happy with him. Having the two doctor's appointments was exhausting, but I'm glad they're done.

Wednesday was a fun day! My mom came up and kidnapped Logan and Dustin. Logan had fun decorating the tree and playing with grandma. I had a relaxing morning reading in bed, and walked over to the thrift store to buy some new clothes.

I'm tired of wearing my maternity wardrobe, and since I'm now a size bigger than my normal size, I decided to break down and buy some jeans and a few nursing friendly sweaters. I was happy to get 3 pairs of jeans and 5 sweaters for $40. Not too shabby for name brand stuff! And now I feel a lot better wearing normal clothes.

Friday Logan and Dave both got coughs and by Sunday Logan was all out sick. So we drank a lot of juice and watched a lot of movies. It's so pitiful to see him sick, but hopefully he'll get better soon. 

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  1. I love your stockings and table runner! So cute! I'm glad that Logan is motivated by the new underwear. I 100% approve of bribing when potty training, haha